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A Star Is Born

So what are you wearing to the Joanne Tour?

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LadyLittleMonster   Paws Up 16

Posted this in the other thread:

Top to bottom!



"Diamond Heart" earrings ;)


(I'll be using pink rhinestones)








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blackcoffee   Paws Up 1,230
On 5/4/2017 at 6:54 PM, nathanrc28 said:

My show is in the freezing November coldness. So, i am wearing a mermaid sequined bomber jacket that i am sewing myself and making it personalized with patches and pins and some blue/green color changing mermaid sequins. However, inside the general admission in the arena it will get really hot while dancing. So i am wearing a white sleeveless Joanne album tshirt underneath my jacket that i ordered offline(pic in this post). I am also wearing a pair of tight black skinny jeans that i am sewing the same blue green mermaid sequins onto the front panels of the pants legs for a shiny and fabulous glitter aspect when inside and dancing without my jacket. I don't know what shoes to wear with this outfit yet so i am still deciding on those. Any of  you monsters got any suggestions on shoes. i will post pics on the sequin jacket ass soon as i get it done. its got another week to go cause its taking forever to hand sew the mermaid sequins onto the bomber jacket i bought. but mother monster is worth it. Ghttp://ww.ebay.com/itm/Authentic-LADY-GAGA-Joanne-Side-Photo-White-T-Shirt-S-XL-NEW-/132169495510?var=431506105223&hash=item1ec5ea73d6:m:m-ue9T7tV0oBzqX_Nb-wxeQood Gaga November hurry up and get  here already.

This literally sounds so similar to the outfit idea I've been planning out in my mind! Can't wait to see the finished results!

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beboskoukla   Paws Up 831

she is in september in zurich so if its sunny i'll wear hot pants and a shirt in joanne heat rose :D

xoxo, Katarina


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