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A Star Is Born

Joanne WT: Antwerp, Belgium - January 22

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10 hours ago, Driezewies said:

The guy in Antwerp is an acquaintance of mine and I'm 99% sure he wasn't preselected. He just got lucky :)

ah ok, i was just curious, it was a little bit suspicious, but on the other hand, gaga is sow sweet she just couldn't preselect someone, the moment would be ruined...


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What makes people think he got preselected? Are people forgetting that she used to take a random person with her on stage every single show? 


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Yemeni Feed
On 1/23/2018 at 2:50 PM, Bat said:

German people are nice but very distant

I can swear by that. I dislike germans to an extent (This is my opinion, dont cry over it). Dutch people are among the best people, so like i would pick Amsterdam but thats already gone.

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