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Lady Gaga Honored At National Board of Review Gala

Lady Gaga Honored At National Board of Review Gala

Lady Gaga made an appearance at the 2019 crowned Best Actress at the National Board of Review Annual Awards gala in New York City on Tuesday night where she was crowned Best Actress for her role as Ally in Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born.

Introduced by Stephen Colbert, who joked that he was "so grateful to be here, partly because being here means I got to miss the president's stupid speech at 9 o''clock," Gaga gave an inspiring 13-minute speech, in which she opened up about becoming Ally and thanked Bradley Cooper for making filming A Star Is Born an unforgettable experience.

"I don’t look back on this experience as filming a movie," Gaga told the star-studded audience. "We became two people who were not us, and lived and breathed as them for a moment in time that I will never forget."

She added: "Ally was all the things I was not when I went out into the world and decided to pursue my dreams. I had to reflect on an earlier time in my life, in high school and earlier when I was bullied. I felt unheard. I was traumatized by people telling me over and over again that I wasn't and could never become who I dreamed of becoming."

Watch Lady Gaga's acceptance speech at the 2019 National Board of Review awards gala below...