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Watch Lady Gaga Serenade Celine Dion During Her ENIGMA Show


Watch Lady Gaga Serenade Celine Dion During Her ENIGMA Show

Lady Gaga took the stage at Park Theater for the second night of her critically acclaimed Las Vegas residency ENIGMA on Sunday night, and among the crowd was the queen of Vegas herself, Celine Dion. The Canadian superstar, who has had a Vegas residency since 2003, not only came out to support Gaga, but also prayed with her band and dancers before the show, and was later spotted dancing and singing along to her biggest hits.

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"The absolutely legendary and beautiful Celine Dion is here tonight," Gaga told the audience. "She prayed with me and my entire crew backstage before this show. And when she was asked if she had any advice for me in Las Vegas she said that I didn't need it because I was strong and I knew what I was doing. And, oh my God, I swear to you, the number of women that I can count on one hand that are supportive in this industry, it’s like I would lose fingers, okay? You are amazing, you're supportive, you're talented, you're legendary, and you're kind."

Gaga then dedicated her 2011 hit "You And I" to Dion. "I want to dedicate this song not only to everyone in this room, but to you too, Celine," she said. "This one's for you and I!" Watch below...

Plus, enjoy videos of Celine Dion jamming to "The Edge of Glory" and "Bad Romance"...

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