First 500,000 ARTPOP physical copies have special cover

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FUN FACT: The first 500,000 physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with LADY GAGA + ARTPOP cut out of hot pink metallic foil + silver foil.



The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who hand collaged the typography himself.



in other words, YALL BETTER GET ONE OF THOSE FIRST 500,000. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind. #ARTPOP





@ladygaga i pre-ordered ARTPOP from the online store, will it have pink foil ?


@MonsterGrillz YES MAAM the first 500,000 to leave the factory into the hands of music and art collectors

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someone on here was just saying how they wished the lettering would be foil haha

I have to be less of a Ruby and more of a Marie


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Yes! Perfect. How I imagined it. Well the Gazing Ball in folio would be amazing too. So ****ing amazing :party:


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