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A Hybrid   Paws Up 415
A Hybrid
8 minutes ago, Vergil said:

She’s the next Michael Jackson and Bowie combined.

I want avant-garde metal for LG6:grr:

This is true

Michael Jackson: 0/100

David Bowie: 100/100


Lady Gaga: 100/100

Scheiße is overrated


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TEANUS   Paws Up 1,902

Wow you guys still managed to make this thread a mess :stalkga:

Never change GGD, neverchange 

OT - Gaga is the best artist of our generation. Her performance style, work ethic/ dedication, voice, and flexibility are unparalleled today

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NicoK   Paws Up 420

When I said stop making negative threads about Gaga I didn’t say that y’all should make 5000 identical positiv threads :selena:

But I will not complain. I love Gaga and love is the thing she deserves the most:kara:

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RAMROD   Paws Up 26,670

Lady Gaga is a box of pochette surprise :sis:


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