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It All Makes Sense..."The Cure" & "Frankestein" @ the AMA

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nakedidea   Paws Up 358

All the clues pointed to a new song on the 19th, including various sources (RedOne, DJWS, Backstage Fans)

The AMAs didn't announce it because they had to wait until the meeting with Interscope to make sure it would be released on the 19th.

Now all this rehearsing and the clue on the clock.

The performance will be like this:

Joanne in white performing THE CURE piano version....while GAGA breaks in after a minute to introduce FRANKESTEINED. 


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FilthyPOP414   Paws Up 645

Reverse Warholian Yin and Yang, Hoanne RE-UP: Special ADDITION: Call Me GhostBuster

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MarlonBrando7   Paws Up 11,535

tbh gaga is the best when it comes to surprises

we'll see


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MonsterGaga5555   Paws Up 2,153

No shes going to release tea.mp3, Onion Girl.mp3 & Temple.mp3 :trollga: 

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Pam Leather,Red Flame


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Dolce Vita   Paws Up 6,575
Dolce Vita

And I wonder why some of y’all end up disappointed because Gaga didn’t give you what you wanted :selena:

if this happened in another life tho I would be SHOOK

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