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BBC 5F2 Review: Lady Gaga's 'endless navel-gazing' 3/5

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LaLuna   Paws Up 5,386

Whatever. She can take her review and shove it up her ass. I'm still super excited for 5F2. 


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deeman   Paws Up 179

bbc is a carefully designed delivery system for the uk. it is awful a lot of it. they are very sophisticated people get taken in by bbc perhaps worse than in american tv where it is obviously bs. suppose it depends on the channel in america but bbc are really bad. they do put out some ok stuff albeit with subtle messages planted in it but othertimes it is full on disturbing to watch. It really annoys me that my parents watch bbc they are totally brainwashed by them. If there is one media I despise above all others it is bbc. They really are nasty pieces of work. Still I suppose its not all bad but you know they have to do that to remain credible. A spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down.  The article sounds pretty biased I will have to watch the documentary. They take British peoples money under pressure sending them threatening letters and using the police to intimidate people into paying and then employ a film critic who studied at a private Ivy League research university in Rhode Island and works for the wall street journal. With more than 180,000 people charged with not paying a licence fee each year, prosecutions currently account for around one in 10 of all criminal cases in England and Wales. Goes to show I am not the only one who is not that keen on them. I did like David Bellamy but they got rid of him.

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