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Venusfly   Paws Up 16,728
7 minutes ago, Vergil said:

How is Beyoncé a legend?

Don't get me wrong I've never listened to a Beyonce album or more than a handful of her singles but even from afar its very easy to tell she's a legend :emma:


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aaron l   Paws Up 5,757
aaron l
6 hours ago, Ferrer Zorola said:

Where do you see Alessia Cara in a year, though? Not even Lorde is safe imo 

I actually think Alessia grew so much over the past year. I really hope she does something huge in the future, cause I think she really could. :selena:

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Vergil   Paws Up 1,327
33 minutes ago, Bradley said:

20 Grammys, great performance skillls, good albums commercial performance, revered by people in and out of the industry.

I dont even like her, but these are truly her achievements.



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