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CanadaGaga   Paws Up 137

In the spirit of positivity and excitement....I wanted to start another thread about what people expect from the JWT.

Ive got tickets for the first night in Vancouver.

Ive read the comments about messy starts to shows and how they get better as they go. 

Heres my two cents:

I love living in a city where a number of artists will start their tours.

Yeah it might not be as clean and tight. Yeah there might be costumes not ready or changes made to the set design etc.

But there's something to be said for the excitement of "opening night" and getting the first chance to see live what an artists vision is.

There is usually an emotional level for the artist too that you get to see on opening and closing nights. 

Whether they have missed touring, or are excited/nervous to perform an album or song that means a lot to them to a stadium/arena of fans. I love that "truly love being back on stage" vibe.

I know what I hope to see Aug 1. 

But really, I don't buy concert tickets to hear an exact replica of the current cd (kudos to skilled singers like Gaga and Adele  who can pull off a beautiful sound live)! 

I go to see, hear, feel the music, personality, emotion of an artist who I admire, and whose work gets me through the good and bad. 

I go to be in the same "room" as the artist and to have that shared experience with them and all the surrounding fans. 

All of that is what has me leaving hyped at the end of the show and reminiscing for days. 

Yes I'll watch YouTube and periscope and see how things progress, and I'll have an opinion on what I liked and didn't like.

But in the end I'm there for so much more than costumes, set design and the set list.

As for JWT, I'm there for the extravagant costumes and themes if they exist,  but I'll also be there for the dive bar RockerGa as well as her country side. 

Say what you want about dive bar cancellations, rehearsal time or not enough rehearsal time

Im all for this woman living her life how she wants and getting up on her stage and performing what she wants how she wants.

I just want to be along for the glorious ride:) 

I am SO excited and it's time to start looking forward! 

I hope I'm not the only one....




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IllusionLover   Paws Up 1,326

If there's gonna be a "Dive Bar" act on the tour (or something like that) I hope she changes that costume on every show, like she did on the Dive Bar Tour, and also I would like different light changes on that part.

Sounds like something cool, but I don't know if i'm hoping too much 

Hit me to the Back | Caught up in the show, but at least now I'm gone


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KING   Paws Up 5,889

I expect so much I don't know where to start :emma:

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2 Samuel 22:33 🌹


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DawnNutella   Paws Up 2,742

I would LOVE to go to opening night! I don't get to see her until November :selena:

Hope you have fun! I can't wait to watch clips to try and hold me over until I get to go!


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ZacharyMark   Paws Up 7,721

I hope Gaga has light up wrist bands at this tour considering she said lights would be a big thing.



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