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JWT "preshow" vibes

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Carsonu25   Paws Up 227

So when I went to artrave I loved the music and lights that happened the whole time before the show, it really helped set the vibe for the show and made me so hype. Do you think she will have something similar this tour? And did she do this in other tours? 

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Burger   Paws Up 307

I'm kinda thinking so. I don't think the show will be as "country" themed like some might thing (just like how the album was). I'm thinking/hoping that it's more of an electric party type setting.


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Possibly Maybe   Paws Up 4,872
Possibly Maybe

I'm expecting moods similar to Music by Madonna. Pop-electronica, but themed country. I'm also really hoping she brings the dark imagery from Coachella to the tour. 

"Remembering is good if you don't let it be the fear in you" - Erykah Badu, "...& On"


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