Lady Gaga at Coachella Live Discussion

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5 hours ago, Psychic Guru said:

I hope that this time Daddy Ronson joins her :lolly:



I want something just like this doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo


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The setlist will be pretty much the same as last saturday's. The show itself was made out of the blue with not enough time to prepare, and they managed to do it, can you imagine doing it in a different way?

Even her Roseland shows were the same, and it was like, 7 shows in a row :emma: She could've changed some songs but she didn't (I guess), the whole preparation takes a lot of practice and effort to change in a short span of time, even if it's just a song (whole new choreo, band practice, timing, etc).

I'm talking out of my ass but idk it seems pretty logical to work this way.

Now that you read this much, enjoy this light-hearted gif I made:


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