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Fan Account: "E! News: 'Lady Gaga will be dropping a surprise EP today!'"

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sure A! news


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Walk down the runway but don't puke, it's okay. You just had 10 donuts today. Without frosting.


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Just now, LG said:

There's no source on this except a fan account?

Indeed kii, just wanted to hurry and snatch a hit thread if it's in fact a real thing. :emma:

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T E Anne

Joanna Angel (born December 25, 1980) is an American alternative ****ographic and mainstream actress, director, and writer of adult films.[2] She is best known for starting BurningAngel in April, 2002 with her flatmate Mitch Fontaine, and has been credited with helping the 'alt-****' scene grow and develop in industry.[3] Launched as a response to websites such as SuicideGirls, it featured alternative performers acting in exclusively hardcore scenes with a stronger focus on a punk aesthetic.[3]


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it's been oolong since i've had a sip / and i get this feeling / i need a lavender detox / the truth will be the winner tonight


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