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Joanne WT: Toronto, ON - September 06

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IvyInferno   Paws Up 70
On 08/09/2017 at 2:05 AM, MonsterBall13 said:

That was me

and I'm a girl fyi lol 

i was so surprised I didn't think she would take it 

WOW girl, you're so lucky! I would die of joy if something like that happened to me! I'm happy for you :excited2:

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Karanvir Sidhu   Paws Up 17
Karanvir Sidhu

Hey guys! Does anyone have videos of Gaga performing Joanne on September 7th in Toronto? I was on the big screen crying LMAO so I wanna see if anyone got that on video! 


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amazinglyjon   Paws Up 111

Saw Gaga two days in a row- first at the JWT and then I managed to snag tickets in the rush line to see the premiere of Five Foot Two! These two days have been absolutely magical and one of the highlights of this year for sure. I managed to film a few videos from the JWT show too!

Here's The Edge of Glory in full :heart:


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