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chiuga   Paws Up 1,222
2 hours ago, CowSiss said:

I think Britney is past her prime as the Princess of Pop; really, it's now only a title that lives on because of her early career. Once Gaga, Katy, and Kesha stepped on to the scene, Britney just became another Pop Girl. If anything, if we still do regard Britney as a Princess, we have to dub the others Princesses as well, the difference being that they reign of different queendoms

Katy is not even close to what Britney and Gaga attained in their prime time and let's not even talk about Kesha


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Tumblr   Paws Up 1,845

The legendary and most iconic queen of pop: Ariana Grande

Mariah - Ariana - Rihanna


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holy scheisse   Paws Up 5,264
holy scheisse

Britney isn't even royalty tbh she's gonna be like madonna and tarnish her legacy by getting more and more tragic with each album. She used to be amazing but that was like.. long ago. And now we know it was all pretty much bullshit and she was just selling sex. IMO.  But Madonna's still Queen and MJ is king and the rest are the peasants. Gaga has her own throne that is special and covered in glitter leather and semen.

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Mister Gaga   Paws Up 18,412
Mister Gaga
7 hours ago, Yo GagaGaga said:

The Royal Hooker: Lana Del Rey

i'm so here for this

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Piece of Me   Paws Up 3,223
Piece of Me

Ariana: Princess of Bubblegum Pop

Beyonce: Goddess of Rnb Pop

Bruno: God of RnB Pop

Britney: Queen of Bubblegum Pop

Cher: Queen's GrandMother

Cyndi: The Queen's Mother

Demi: Princess of Pop Rock

Justin: The Prince's Son

Nick Jonas: Prince of Pop Rock

Katy: Princess of Pop

Lady Gaga: Queen

Michael Jackson: King

Kesha: Queen's Sister

Madonna: Queen's Aunt

Miley: The Royal Sorceress

Sia: The Female Chancellor 

Pink: Queen of Pop Rock

Kylie Minogue: The Queen's Niece

Shakira: The Latin Pop Queen

Whitney: The Queen of Soul Pop

Mariah: The Princess of Soul Pop

Christina: The King's Sister 

Nicki: The Princess of Rap-Pop

Missy: The Queen of Rap-Pop

Taylor: The Princess of Country Pop

Carrie Underwood: The Queen of Country Pop

Selena: Princess of Latin Pop (sorry love making Selena a mexican when she is.)



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Dolce Vita   Paws Up 6,746
Dolce Vita

'The False Prophet of Pop Beyonce' 


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Gagaloo92   Paws Up 3,966
10 hours ago, A Gaga Lad said:

Gaga is like the disowned/black sheep princess that dabbles in the black arts and is now planning to enter the convent

Accurate, but everyone else still wishes they could get up to her level and sound as good as she does live :classy::lolly:

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