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artpoprebellion   Paws Up 325

1. Diamond Heart: A really good song that reminds me of a rock-influenced musical. Definitely single potential. 8/10

2. A-YO: A very interesting, amazing song. I love the fusion of various genres and how much of a bop it is! 9/10

3. Joanne: I live for how raw this song's verses are, yet how powerful the chorus is. Gives me chills. Beautiful. 9/10

4. John Wayne: My favorite uptempo song on this album. The intro is quirky and the beat is amazing and groovy. 9/10

5. Dancin' in Circles: The spoken vocals are everything. The production is nice. So catchy and has the most classic Gaga feel to it. 8/10

6. Perfect Illusion: Possibly the most underrated song in Gaga's entire discography. One of her best singles in my opinion. The production is everything and the song is just amazing as a whole. 9/10

7. Million Reasons: An amazing ballad that deserves to smash. The harmonies are perfect. Very enjoyable and truly showcases her voice. 9/10

8. Sinner's Prayer: This song has become one of my favorites and this is coming from a non-country fan. Though the song has obvious country influence, it's more than that. It's a well written track with a killer baseline and overall relaxed vibe to it that I adore. 9/10

9. Come to Mama: The cutest song on the album. I love the 50s vibes this song delivers and the brass section towards the end is phenomenal. 9/10

10. Hey Girl: Another extremely underrated JAM. I love the trade off between her and the beloved Florence. Their voices sound so perfect together and this song is a girl power anthem. 9/10

11. Angel Down: The best song on the album. The production is incredible and definitely shows a resemblance to some of Lana's earlier work. The meaning gets to me and I'm so glad Gaga made a song discussing such an important topic. 10/10

12. Grigio Girls: A cute song. I like the meaning and the production with the "record player sound". 8/10

13. Just Another Day: I love the production of this one. It definitely gives a Beatles/Bowie vibe. The "ladies and gentlemen" parts are a bit cheesy but it's overall a very enjoyable song. 9/10

OVERALL: 88/100

This album is definitely her best LP and ties with the The Fame Monster as her best work thus far. There's no fillers and each song has a life of its own. My ratings will probably change as I listen more as I tend to have new favorites every week, but these are my thoughts at the moment.

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bowie1986   Paws Up 130

Over a month removed from my first listen, here is an updated review. 

1. Diamond Heart: Good opener, not quite sure it has single potential but it opens the album with a nice rock-y punch. The way the end transitions into A-Yo is fabulous. 7/10

2. A-Yo: A really ****in' fun song. Not sure I'm that impressed with it lyrically, the chorus is a bit of a swing and miss. Like the whole "I can't wait to smoke them all/ whole pack like Marlboro"... great lyric. Actual chorus? Just ok. But the beat saves it. (Strike 1 for Hillary Lindsey) 8/10

3. Joanne: It seemed raw at first. Doesn't feel very raw or interesting at second, third, fourth listen. It's very pretty, but you have to want to be emotional to feel emotional while listening to it. 6/10

4. John Wayne: OHMYGOD. Gets better with each listen, especially over a really loud stereo. Love the whole electro-rock vibe. It's a less cluster****-y Mary Jane Holland. Love it. However, it's short and the chorus is lazy, which is why it would never smash as a single. 8.5/10

5. Dancin' In Circles: Sexy, nice beat. Way too on the nose as far as being a song about masturbation. It feels like a cheap shot. Her sultry spoken parts hit pretty well with the beat, though. 7/10

6. Perfect Illusion: I was so annoyed that this was a single when I first listened to the album and the snippets. After hearing the album though, I saw the purpose for the songs existence. Now, while I'm not sure it should've been the lead, I think the song does make sense as a single. I LOVE the energy, I LOVE the instrumental. However, it's lyrically simple and her voice overpowers the production. 8/10

7. Million Reasons: I like it following Perfect Illusion and prefacing Sinner's Prayer. I hate just about everything else. This song is pure filler and it has been packaged as a single. Un. Real. The lyrics are so bad!!! Like, ****. 6/10

8. Sinner's Prayer: Her best "country" song on the album. It's almost a little haunting with the guitar and the way the song opens. I love the lyrics, I love the whole Kanye-West-Fade-Guitar-Riff. Awesome song. 8/10

9. Come To Mama: HERE IT IS!! THIS IS IT!! SHE DID IT!! Best song on the album by far. Are her lyrics at times a little grandiose? Yes. Do I resent every change she made to the lyrics in Father John Misty's version? Mostly, but I also think he sings a cynical song better and she sings a warm, rallying anthem better. Can't help but think of Amy! 9/10

10. Hey Girl: I was underwhelmed at first. The whole psychedelic element grew on me. But I'm back to bored. I like the whole "Help me hold my hair back...Like we're both seventeen again" sequence, but otherwise it's a drab song. 6/10

11. Angel Down: Haunting. Cool production elements at the end. Lyrically it is trying way too hard. Hm. 6.5/10

12. Grigio Girls: STRIKE THREE HILLARY LINDSEY YOU ARE OUT!!! I mean, just trash. And I was so excited by the name! Just the cheesiest of the cheese, "It's a fired up world" ??? What the ****. 5.5/10

13. Just Another Day: Ok. Ok. I can do this. I love the chorus. I love the message. It's so pleasant, cheesy at times. But it seems self aware, maybe? Idk I just like it. It's cute. 7/10 

14. Angel Down (Work Tape): I like this! Shows how beautiful her voice is. Think I like the Mark version better, not sure it's good enough just as a Work Tape. But I like that this one ends quicker lol. Let's call it a tie. 6.5/10


I understand why this album hasn't been super well received. It's scattered. At times, the writing isn't great. And other times, it's the best writing in Gaga's career. She takes some risks that pay off huge and some that fall oh-so flat. At first listen, I wanted to believe this was better than Lemonade-- I mean this was THE album. At second listen, I'm not so sure. 

Come To Mama, Sinner's Prayer, John Wayne.. Some of my favorites in her entire catalog. 

While I hate to score it as such, 7.1/10 is my new ranking. 



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christinahoney   Paws Up 383
On 10/27/2016 at 7:27 PM, alushlullaby said:

Finally fell in love with Grigio Girls fully!

top 5 now:

Grigio Girls

Just Another Day

Come To Mama

Dancin' In Circles

Diamond Heart

Grigio Girls is amazing. Loved it at first listen. It's very uplifting and bitter sweet and melancholic and empowering at the same time, but the sound is quite subtle and easy to listen to.

My favorites: Million Reasons, Dancin' In Circles, Diamond Heart, Grigio Girls, Angel Down, Joanne

Dancin' In Circles is gonna have a special place in my heart already because I played it at some special occasions and now the song reminds me of those times. I didn't even do it on purpose, it just kinda "clicked". So now DIC and Venus are my "favorite" Lady Gaga songs. :)

Tbh I went from being extremely disappointed and hating the album to absolutely loving it... I'll write up a quick review/rating at some point. The only song I don't like is Come To Mama. It's cheesy as **** and really noisy and loud. Hey Girl is just alright but I appreciate the lyrics very much.

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FleshLeotard   Paws Up 4

Decent: Diamond Heart, A-Yo, John Wayne, Dancin in Circles, Hey Girl, Grigio Girls


Everything else, meh


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T3rrorBlade   Paws Up 1,124

All I can say is that the songs are growers (especially PI). No wonder she didn't fully promote the album until superbowl. 

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ FIREPROOF ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁


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Dorothy Gale   Paws Up 7,574
Dorothy Gale

1. Diamond Heart: One of the best songs on Joanne, and like always Gaga shows she knows how to start an album, with a dose of adrenaline. I've always loved Gaga's album openers, she just gets it. The first song on an album is like the first chapter of a book, it better get you invested and Diamond Heart does just that. Catchy, and a perfect blend of old and new Gaga, with edm and rock influences throughout, an empowering song that's one of my favorites on the album. 10/10

2. A-Yo: Things quickly go sour as soon as the beat kicks in. The song is very honky-tonk and straight up tacky. The song is pretty cringey, and just feels like an attempt to do something "light" or "fun" on a reflective and meaningful album that didn't need a song like this. Lyrics are atrocious and the metaphors are lazy. 5/10

3. Joanne: This is what I needed after A-Yo, a simple, melancholy ballad, that's in the vein of Fleetwood Mac. This song is unlike any other Gaga ballad, and has a subdued beauty and dreamy quality that make it a relaxing and easy listen. Easily one of Gaga's better title tracks, and that's not a small accomplishment. 10/10

4. John Wayne: Mary Jane Holland's much better sibling. Everything about this song is fire, and it has a trendy contemporary style while still having funk and country elements throughout. The only thing I don't like about this song is the short runtime. 10/10

5. Dancin' In Circles: The most contemporary song on Joanne and a bit of a throwback to The Fame Monster days, with some Gwen Stefani realness sprinkled in there too. This track is nothing groundbreaking, but is probably the most radio friendly despite its masturbatory lyrics. 8/10

6. Perfect Illusion: As a lead single this song is pretty lackluster. I must admit I was underwhelmed upon first listen, but Perfect Illusion is one of the biggest growers on Joanne. With that in mind, the song is far too repetitive and the key change isn't nearly as impactful as it should be and some parts of the song don't have nearly the amount of instrumental flavor that a Gaga track should have. 7/10

7. Million Reasons: Great Gaga ballad, but again, nothing groundbreaking. It's meaningful and touching, but doesn't quite hit a home run for me. The lyrics are again somewhat repetitive and certain metaphors clumsy. Poor grammar is also present, which is perturbing. 7/10 

8. Sinner's Prayer: Probably the most quintessential country song on Joanne, and it works. The track is broody and the lyrics are a step up from the last few tracks, with Gaga adopting the genre of country music to sing about her common themes in a completely new way. 8/10

9. Come To Mama: While this isn't the song I go back and listen to again and again, it has such a great style you can't help but appreciate. Very sweet track that has a calming quality. 9/10

10. Hey Girl: As a Florence Welch collaboration this song is a disappointment, but the song still has merit, as it has a great message, and a unique instrumental and great vocal performances from both Florence and Gaga. 7/10

11. Angel Down: Again, not a song I listen to on repeat due to the harrowing subject matter, but the instrumental is flawless, and Gaga is able to give the listener so many mental images through the combination of the lyrics and instrumental. 9/10


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Smother Em Eh   Paws Up 1,756
Smother Em Eh

It's Gagas most "authentic" album. It's original, meaningful and displays her talents pretty well. I love Joanne and also love the direction it's going in. My favorite songs are, "Million Reasons", "Perfect Illusion", "Diamond Heart" and "Angel Down". 

My rating for each song is...


#1 Million Reasons- 10/10

#2 Diamond Heart 10/10

#3 Angel Down 10/10

#4 Sinners Prayer 9/10

#5 Perfect Illusion 8/10

#6 Hey Girl 8/10

#7 John Wayne 8/10

#8 Just Another Day 8/10

#9 Joanne 8/10

#10 Come to Mama 7.5/10

#11 Dancin in Circles 6/10

#12 AYO 5/10



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BloodyMonster   Paws Up 6,056

Diamond Heart - This song is not the best album opener, but still great nonetheless. I love how it starts out slow and picks up towards the chorus. Don't even get me started on the bridge, its one of the best in her discography! The whole song is very catchy. One big issue is the chorus. Although I like the lyrics, I feel as if it doesn't do anything for me. The transition from the pre-chorus made it seem kinda corny and like any other pop song, but that could be just me. 7/10

A-YO - Although its catchy, I feel as if this is one of the weakest songs on the album. "Here we go" is a very corny opening in my opinion. I definitely see where Gaga was going when she recorded this song, and she was probably having a lot of fun, but its just not my style.  I feel like this song might have been sung better by another country singer, but it just doesn't fit Gaga. 4/10

Joanne - Talk about a ballad! Everything about this song is great. I love the folk influences, its right up my alley and the throwback sound fits so well. It fits right in with the album's signature sound. The lyrics are outstanding and you can tell she sang this straight from the heart. The chorus is so darn catchy and it just makes me want to sing along. One thing is that I feel it doesn't have much replay value and it gets boring, but when I'm in the right mood it goes off. Love it! 8/10

John Wayne - WHEW! This song is off the charts and is a banger! The background beat in the verses is sick and the chorus breakdown is one of the best I've heard. There's just something about the chorus breakdown that hits home. Not to mention her vocals are so sexy and fits well with the verses. I can see myself liking this song for many years to come. 9/10

Dancin' In Circles - This song has been one of my favorites since the very beginning. It gives me a TFM flashback and the instrumental is outstanding. The pre-chorus always gets me. Not to mention I love her vocals in the verses. My only problem is that I feel as if I'm getting tired of it as time goes on and my love for it is slowly fading, but nonetheless its a standout! 8/10

Perfect Illusion - What a grower! When I first heard this song, I was very disappointed. Coming off of a ton of hype, I expected something better for a lead single. The vocals were just too loud, especially in the chorus. But as time went on, I got used to the vocals and it grew on me. I love it now more than I did back in September, its such a bop! 8/10

Million Reasons - I like this song. Not love, but its still solid. The lyrics are amazing, some of the best in her discography. Also, her vocals are a standout. It sounds like a lullaby that can help me sleep lol. Its so relaxing but catchy at the same time. I just feel like I'm getting bored with it just like a lot of other songs. 7/10

Sinner Prayer - No joke, this used to be my #1 favorite song on the album. I feel as if it just doesn't click like it used to, but its still great. The guitar between the chorus/verses is the real standout in this song, and also on this album. I also love the country twang vibe. I've always enjoyed this song ever since she played it at the Dive Bar. 7/10

Come To Mama - This song is definitely a strange one. I didn't know what to think of it when I first heard it. It sounded so familiar and I swear that I heard it before. It was a route I wanted Gaga to go down before the release, so it set my expectations high, and I was a little disappointed. Although its not my favorite, I do like the 60s motown vibes and I think she pulled it off quite well. Some of the lyrics in this song are career standouts, and I love the end of the song. It just doesn't take me anywhere. By the time the second chorus hits I feel like I've heard the same thing over and over again. Luckily the later portion of the song comes to save that. 5/10

Hey Girl - This one is definitely a grower. I've never hated it, but when I first heard it I expected something better from Gaga & Florence. But I like it now! The synths match so well with the lyrics and their voices blend so well together. The outro is for sure the highlight of this song, its amazing. Its just a little repetitive and I'm still kinda let down by Gaga & Florence, but its the definition of a grower! 7/10

Angel Down - I might get some hate for this, but I don't like this song at all! It was alright when I first heard it, and I love the message, but its just the same thing over and over again. If Gaga wanted to write a song with a social message, it should've been better than this. I can't listen to it anymore, its boring. Although, one positive is the outro, what a great way to end the standard edition. 4/10

Grigio Girls - This one is very underrated. Definitely not as bad as some of you guys make it seem. It is a boring song overall, but I like the vibe it has to it. Its very chill & relaxing. It makes me feel like I'm take a walk in the south, I enjoy the country vibe. I like it! 7/10

Just Another Day - I don't want to be so harsh on this since its just a deluxe track, but its straight up filler. I like the melodies, but there's nothing interesting abut it that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. Very little replay value. There's not much to say about this one. 4/10


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Irrelevant   Paws Up 16,962

I'll just rank the tracks since im bored :sis:

1. Dancin' In Circles

2. Angel Down

3. John Wayne

4. Perfect Illusion

5. Grigio Girls

6. Joanne

7. Diamond Heart

8. Just Another Day

9. Million Reasons

10. Sinner's Prayer

11. A-Yo

12. Come To Mama

13. Hey Girl

When I first heard the album:

1. Diamond Heart 

2. Angel Down

3. Grigio Girls

4. Joanne

5. A-Yo

6. Just Another Day

7. John Wayne

8. Perfect Illusion

9. Dancin' In Circles :interestinga:

10. Million Reasons/Sinner's Prayer/Come To Mama/Hey Girl :trollga:


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ḯ̵̟̻ḿ̶̙̞ ̷̬͗ē̸͖ḑ̴͊͘g̴̦̣̃͂y̴̛̦̯̿


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TommyMac   Paws Up 0

Hi guys! Hope you're all well. 

My name is Tommy, I'm a university student over in Bournemouth in the UK and I'm currently writing my dissertation on fan culture. 

I want to do a section dedicated to Lady Gaga and her amazing fans! I wondered if any of you guys wanted to contribute? I would  be asking a couple of questions about why you're a Gaga fan, why you like her and perhaps any stories that you might like to share, maybe about how she may of helped you through any difficult times in your life, or something like that! 

Let me know if you are interested and I can send you more information. 

Thank you :) 



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