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Lady Gaga Returns to House of Blues for Another Show with Brian Newman

Lady Gaga Returns to House of Blues for Another Show with Brian Newman
Photo credit: Hunter Ambrose / instagram.com/hunterblairambrose

Lady Gaga returned to the House of Blues club in Boston on Saturday night for another performance with her friend Brian Newman and his band. Gaga took the stage to sing some of her favorite jazz standards, such as "I Can't Give You Anything But Love," just minutes after headlining Fenway park across the street for a second time.

Unlike her surprise appearance at the same club on Friday, last night's show was promoted by Gaga on Twitter and the club packed with Little Monsters dressed up in their favorite Gaga outfits. 

"At House of Blues, she wasn't Lady Gaga the untouchable legendary megastar," a Gaga Daily reader Hunter told us. "She was Stefani Germanotta dropping in on her friend's show and giving it her all with her buddies singing the music that she so clearly throws all of her passion into. In all of my years living here and seeing concerts around the city, I have never seen such universal excitement and awe from the crowd."

Another fan, Jon, added: "I don't know how this woman can play a full two hour show, then jump on stage and blow you away only minutes later at an after show. One thing I will say, whether she's playing a stadium with thousands of people or you see her from feet away in a small venue, she somehow manages to make you feel she's singing directly to you. Hands down the best experience of my life!"

Enjoy videos of Gaga performing with Brian Newman in Boston, courtesy of our reader Jon, below...