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Arlo Guthrie Praises Lady Gaga's Performance of His Father's Song

Arlo Guthrie Praises Lady Gaga's Performance of His Father's Song

Arlo Guthrie, whose father Woody wrote the iconic American anthem "This Land Is Your Land," praised Lady Gaga's choice to perform the song at Super Bowl 51.

While at an intimate concert in Southern California on Sunday night, Guthrie spoke candidly about Gaga's Halftime performance.

"I was watching the Super Bowl. And there was Lady Gaga. And she started singing one of my dad's songs, and I thought, 'Whoa...! Lady Gaga had only done a little bit of it, but still... it was just so fun for us. I remember a couple of days later, there were articles in the paper, 'Lady Gaga Introducing Subversive Material on TV'... and I sat back, and I thought, if the idea that this land is made for you and me becomes subversive, we're f***ed!"

Applause rose through the venue as he continued, "There's just no other way to say it. So let's get into a little subversion here for ya!" He strummed his guitar and began singing the folk classic, the audience singing back every familiar word.  

Gaga sure knew how to pick her setlist for the Super Bowl! "This Land Is Your Land" has long been not only a patriotic standard, but also an inclusive protest song, used in equality marches around the world. Re-watch Gaga's epic Halftime performance below...

by Katharine Styles-Burroughs