Someone please make me stop. Anyways, this... this is something I really want to do, and I think it would be the best, though it might take a little longer than I would like. I want to create a "The Cure" cover much like this, subtracting the multiple languages (unless people would think that's awesome) much like this. So here is what I think should happen! 8-bit intro that copies The Cure intro, then bridge, but fades into a chorus sung by a singular person. The song from here on, until the bridge, is orchestral with bits and stems that call back to the original song. The first and second verses are sung by by two different people. Example: I'll undress you, 'cause you're tired
Cover you as you desire
When you fall asleep inside my arms
May not have the fancy things
But I'll give you everything
You could ever want, it's in my arms Bold is the first person. Italics is the second person. For the prechorus, I thought we could have multiple singing the "So baby tell me yes" line. Bu have a singular person singing all the other lines. For the chorus, this is the fun part, will have everyone singing. Anyone who dares to submit themselves singing a chorus. And just like "Weight of the World" I want a bunch of scat "lalalalas" that we can filter in, starting at the bridge. The bridge of course, will be sung by a bunch of people too, I think. But after the song finally ends, and I think this is really cute, anyone who submits a "get well Gaga!" will be played. Of course it won't be played all at nice, but I wanna leave that to the producers. Does anyone like this idea? Of course we need producers, some singers, then other volunteers, even if that can't sing, to lend their voices, even for just a chorus. I really like this idea, and hope a lot of you do too! Also, check out my main idea thread.