Hello everyone and welcome to @PeterPan‘s megarate, that has been cancelled for obvious reasons. Now, I’m the official host and this is my second megarate!    *Previous megarate:   The album we are going to be rating is Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato.   *This megarate has now closed. You could however see the results here!    Here is some information about the album:   Rules: 1. Re-listen to the album (Target Edition). 2. Rate each song from 1-10 and your favorite an 11. While it is not necessary, your comments on the songs would be much appreciated! 3. 0s are not allowed. 4. Decimals are allowed, but only 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75. 5. Rate the album here. If you are confused with this, just send me your rates by @Stefani Gaga. Please do not participate if you have not listened to the album or do not like it. In this case, your rates will be disqualified.   Example:   *The deadline will be 20th November, 00:00 UTC. [CLOSED] *The ceremony will take place in 24th November, 21:00 UTC. *You can PM me for any changes or for any questions you may have about the megarate.   You can listen to the album here:   Track Listing:   Tags: *Please tag any users that might be interested in participating.    Contestants:   Enjoy!