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  1. It’s just a poetic way to say “I am who I am” - you’re taking the statement too literally
    125 points
  2. Sorry if i sound like a moaner but i am disappointed in what they are doing currently. BTW is such a personal album to me, as it is to many others on here, i was so excited about the decade anniversary and hopeful it would be celebrated in a special kind of way but all they want is to sell us a bunch of overpriced stuff to try and make as much money as possible. From the 250 dollar versace t shirts, or the haus labs bad kids vault or the 85 dollar anniversary pillow. They are exploiting such a special era for us when they know how much it means to us. I just feel like it is very exploitative
    112 points
  3. so Gaga wrote the "Take a bite, take a bite" part I suppose
    105 points
  4. The way I'd love Chromatica to have music videos for every song and her website to have this map as an interactive feature where you can click on each part of it and it takes you to the music video shot in that part of the planet. I've had too much wine tonight sorry
    93 points
  5. What do you want her to do? She didn't need to do ANYTHING and yet she's giving us merch at different levels, a whole pop up event which she attended, a special edition of the album highlighting artists from the LGBT community.... You want her to personally come to your house and sing Government Hooker?
    84 points
  6. Y’all better not disrespect Ms. Freedia… just because you guys don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s bad. Big Freedia is the patron saint of NOLA bounce music, and I give Gaga kudos for spotlighting LGBTQ+ artists of all backgrounds! Love the cover!!
    84 points
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPM0N-DMrcE/ I love my friends. My real friends. That I come home to a pile of rainbows because they want me to smile and celebrate me. I love you friends, all your colors and your uniqueness—your kindness, your curiosity and endless love ❤️
    78 points
  8. It was the f.ucking 90's jesus christ These conversations about inclusivity and diversity didn't even start happening in the mainstream until the 2010's
    75 points
  9. Ok, so you chose your sexual orientation? Cool. 99% of us didn’t. So carry on.
    75 points
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPWk5ZRsz3U/ Serving BODY
    74 points
  11. SHE LOOKS SO HAPPY I’M SO ELATED :))))) 🥺🥺🥺 not the shallow remix 😭 Gaga dancing w Shangela Gaga dancing to a Rain On Me remix Gaga dances to Sour Candy Gaga asks DJ to play ARTPOP Gaga dancing (up close) UPDATE: She left like 10 minutes ago. That was so fun to see ahh :))
    72 points
  12. 72 points
  13. 71 points
  14. and "come, come unwrap me" ?? queen of hooks!!!!!
    70 points
  15. The red one seems like an outtake from the BTW Shoot ! Gurl... Serve it Born This Way style !
    69 points
  16. Yougov just published it. The most famous musical artists of all time in US: 1.Lady Gaga 2.Jennifer Lopez 3.Britney Spears 4.Taylor Swift 5.Beyoncé 6.Michael Jackson 7.Katy Perry 8.Prince 9.Justin Timberlake 10.Justin Bieber For the full list check the link below. https://today.yougov.com/ratings/entertainment/fame/all-time-music-artists/all
    68 points
  17. Princess Die next single ARTPOP Act 2 confirmed.
    67 points
  18. Is it wrong to like a song less when I realize the artist didn’t really write it? Because it feels stupid but idk
    65 points
  19. I disagree. I was never straight. I was born this way. Genetically
    65 points
  20. This is really bad...like the whole interpretation is lost in this cringe parody version sprinkled with kidz bop vocals
    63 points
  21. Unpopular opinion: I’m pretty underwhelmed, Nancy. All those Grammy sweeps for someone who has Bad Guy and then what? *crickets. Outside of stan world, the GP doesn’t even consider her a big name. I’m seeing her going the Megan Trainor (All That Base) route and will have few more songs and albums here and there but people won’t really care. She might keep changing her looks and hair to hide the fact that the whisper voice gimmick is all there is and it’s getting boring. Unfortunately, she just can’t come up with something else. Oh well.
    61 points
  22. 60 points
  23. I think she (as black female singer) wants to give an opportunity to black creators to work with her on these projects
    60 points
  24. Nothing is good enough for 2021
    59 points
  25. 59 points
  26. We stan an actress who also sings occasionally .
    59 points
  27. Yup, proves that this was never a Gaga song. No wonder it’s my least liked on the album.
    59 points
  28. oh wow the site actually leads to the site again
    59 points
  29. The lyrics were perfect the way they were.
    56 points
  30. That's what Marry The Night was about. I just knew it but it's still shocking to know it. Damn I just want to hug her, she's been through some horrible sh!t.
    56 points
  31. Someone tell these children that spotify filters out repeat streams from a single source... their streams are getting filtered out because they obsessively stream these songs
    54 points
  32. There can be 2 socially distanced people in a room
    53 points
  33. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPPRIFeM3zS/ Born This Way, my song and album, were inspired by Carl Bean, a gay black religious activist who preached, sung and wrote about being “Born This Way.” Notably his early work was in 1975, 11 years before I was born. Thank you for decades of relentless love, bravery, and a reason to sing. So we can all feel joy, because we deserve joy. Because we deserve the right to inspire tolerance, acceptance, and freedom for all. 📸: @kevinmazur @gettyentertainment
    53 points
  34. Is that a red carpet in the right yup a RED CARPET FOR MISS GHAGHA bobby is there too
    53 points
  35. And they said Katy’s Smile had no impact.
    51 points
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