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@MileyCyrus It was so nice to see you the other night. You were so wild and so much fun. Showing off your new haircut. Whipping your hair back and forth. You always address me by my name, which I love. Thanks for the two pics, signing my HM & YN vinyls and dropping them and then picking them up. “Sorry, She’s been drinking.” Lol. As I was singing you get the best of both worlds and you were laughing & you were like “yess hunny”. Lmao. But being able to talk to you in person about yelling “Free Britney” during your show and defending our girl @BritneySpears. “Of course dude, it’s sad to see what they’re doing to her.” And as you told us about the new single is coming soon. I can’t wait for “Bad Karma”. And thank you for the “family photo” with you & @LiamHemsworth. I love it even though my friend who took it doesn’t know how to work my camera. Thank you for everything and for always being so down to earth. Love you! 🖤 . . . . #MileyCyrus #LiamHemsworth #HannahMontana #Smilers #MC7 #MetGala #SheIsComing #FreeBritney

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