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  2. Faysalaaa

    Trump Uses KKK Slogan At Rally

    Killing Muslims for 3 decades is not a "shady past", and its not her past, killing Muslims is also part of the present. During Obama and also during the election, she openly said she will be more tough of us Muslims and shamed Obama for being soft on us! I am a Muslim Arab living in the Middle East, im not a Trump supporter American and I dont like him. And its not "presidential" of Clinton to be part of an administration that does multiple illegal wars, illegally funds terrorism, and creating literal slaves in Libya. The end of your comment is the reason why I made my original comment. Hilary supporters think they are superior to Trump supporters because.. umm.. I.. I still dont know why lol
  3. Mirages

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    Only if you give every song a score above 9
  4. NNES

    Make BTW A 7 Track EP

    1. Marry the Night 2. Born This Way 3. Judas 4. Hair 5. Scheiße 6. Yoü and I 7. The Edge of Glory
  5. dynamite

    Favorite song off Joanne and why?

    Dancin in Circles It's so like ... folksy (idk ) and cleverly written Diamond Heart is next
  6. Mirages

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    That's why I said that, I had an experience Well don't be salty that he doesn't care for discount Mariah as much as for the real deal boo
  7. RoverLoader

    Madonna: Batuka Video This Friday

    Stunning video and very moving... Damn she has delivered this era.
  8. OpenHeartedMonster

    DrunkGa leaving Haus Party

    How do you know that? And I’m not saying that couldn’t be true because it doesn’t even seem that she was having trouble collecting her stuff
  9. Widows Kiss

    Chart Discussion

    I just realized Fad will never have to tour again after she makes bank with Haus Ugly.
  10. RAMROD

    HBO | His Dark Materials (New Trailer)

    Looks promising! Hope the producers are better people than those for Game of Thrones
  11. Mirages

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    @Anveeroy thank me later
  12. Marges

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    Can I still join? I can send my rates today
  13. Felix Jens

    Favorite song off Joanne and why?

    Sinner’s Prayer . Actually,there are a lot of great songs on Joanne .
  14. corvus albus

    Chart Discussion

    This is depressing. Gaga not even mentioned once
  15. PoshLife

    The K-Pop Thread

    LOL I just remembered when PopReaper made the shady titles for all of the 4Walls songs, like "Deja Who" and "Chemical Mess" I wish I could find them all
  16. Anveeroy

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    Can you submit the rates by tomorrow? We are really hoping for an early ceremony !
  17. corvus albus

    Chart Discussion

    These are a big MAYBE if you aske me. I don't really see any of them reaching it this year.
  18. LateToCult

    Chart Discussion

    Imo reaching a billion on Spotify will soon be like getting a platinum certification from the RIAA. Nothing very special.
  19. DiamondKing

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

  20. Rainbow1

    The K-Pop Thread

  21. Morphine Prince

    Money Heist/La Casa de Papel | Part 3 (Out Now)

    I cannot wait to watch this!
  22. Henri Bardot

    Elon Musk announces Neuralink

    I'd use it. Sounds cool
  23. Animal Claws

    MEGARATE || Joanne

    ⚠️ REMINDER ⚠️ Remembering that remains only 2 weeks to you send me your rates. @MrDaniel Please send me the song that you think @Blue Madonna gave 11 If you already sent me, disregard this notice
  24. WheresLG6

    LG6 Discussion

    Just bc Gaga hasn't shown us anymore studio pictures, doesn't mean the album isn't entirely done! Reminder that we got proof that she's been working on it even after the Oscars so I'm hoping that we'll get the announcement soon. Otherwise I don't know why are they waiting this much to release music especially when we were supposed to get the lead back in April yikes
  25. Davian

    MEGARATE: Rihanna's ANTI

    But to back @Mirages up, I’ve been pretty fast with the Caution & Infinity megarates
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