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  2. 27monster27

    Fame Monster unreleased

    There is a song that we have yet to hear known as "Fetish".
  3. Not what I expected at all
  4. 27monster27

    Fame Monster unreleased

    I believe that Trigger was from 2007.
  5. also LMFAO @ Ariana singing the line "am I white or black" racially ambiguous queen strikes again
  6. Concertaholic

    Gaga gettin down to Drunk in Love with Oscar in hand

    Receipts? I've never seen this footage...
  7. I'm not defending her father, but where does this new info come from?

    Fake lyrics for Katy's new collab

    The most reductive lyric I’ve ever heard In my life
  9. Petrichor

    LG6 Discussion

    It must be a glitch. **** happens.
  10. davflz

    LG6 Discussion

    mess also sorry, but her recent red carpet looks (except the film premiers in 2018) just were not particularly amazing or outstanding to me and many others like sorry people are entitled to their opinions also leave McQueen out of this, he's probably the most genius and creative designer in recent history and deserves all the respect
  11. Widows Kiss

    Fake lyrics for Katy's new collab

    I bought it until the Nicki line.
  12. She always delivers at least one great video in every era. We just need to wait until tickets for her next tour are about to go on sale
  13. This is can't wait for the memes
  14. nakedidea

    Medellín by Madonna is a masterpiece

    LOL joke thread of the weak. Thanks,
  15. the track would be stuck at #2 then
  16. Animal Claws

    Fame Monster unreleased

    Nothing On (But the Radio) was written in 2010 (probably for BTW album), it is also assumed that the song was reworked to be released on ARTPOP (after fans heard the song play in her car in 2012) Don't think that song is an TFM outtake
  17. OMG SONG OF THE CENTURY !!!!111!!1
  18. Pierre

    What Should Gaga Wear to the Met Gala?

    Katy as cochair wore Margiela. Rihanna as cochair wore Margiela. Amal Clooney (wasn't cochair but Anna's fave) wore Margiela. I think it may be a strong option for Gaga, unless she uses the friend card and ends using a red gown by Brandon.
  19. Nicki should have hopped on the damn track then.
  20. OMG I already love this! I mean it's probably trash but why noooot I'm here for it
  21. "My **** is huge" Did he really say that?
  22. Animal Claws

    Fame Monster unreleased

    Hey, Cher version was planned for release on her album 'Closer to the Truth'
  23. Reginald

    Is Madonna fading?

    Shook! I'm a big fan of both artists, but I never knew that. Madonna definitely has a longer history of moderate hits, but Cyndi's big hits are bigger than Madonna's? Wow! no wonder Madonna quoted Girls Just Want To Have Fun, in her song Girl Gone Wild
  24. Im sorry but this sounds absolutely terrible
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