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  2. Lord Temptation

    Sanders, Buttigieg, O’Rourke defend Tulsi Gabbard

    Bernie has impeccable judgment. We stan a wise king Beto and Pete also showing common sense
  3. xoxo Craig

    Trudeau Wins Re-Election By Minority

    Socks? I'll be looking at his face when he appears on TV
  4. dancewithnobody

    LGN: 🎨👼👼 #LG6

    I mean
  5. ViviLittleM

    Chart Discussion

  6. dancewithnobody

    NetFlix To Borrow $2 Billion More... Total Debt $15.5 Billion

    As far as I know there is a special department in US looking after monopoly in such big companies. I guess it's gonna be a reason to interfere
  7. LazyTurtle

    CEREMONY || NFR Megarate

    Swan Song itself > Ultraviolence.
  8. LazyTurtle

    Trudeau Wins Re-Election By Minority

    That means we will see more cute Trudeau's socks?
  9. HookerOnAChurch

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    That would be awesome
  10. xoxo Craig

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    Jewels & Drugs, but make it even more sickening
  11. xoxo Craig

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    "It irrrks me" - Nicki Minaj in 2012
  12. Bloody Grammys

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    she needs to collab with the billboard 200
  13. Miracle

    Lady Gaga wears DANNIJO & Celine!

  14. Bloody Grammys

    New Paris 2024 Olympics logo revealed

    it's so bad it's great
  15. Deagan

    Azealia comes for PREP & Frank Ocean

    "people who do it all the time often have mental health issues" Please, refer me to a psychological reference that states that this is the case? This is not a matter of fact, it is a matter of opinion. One that people like you are forcing on the rest as "the truth".
  16. Hanavel

    Lady Gaga wears DANNIJO & Celine!

    Those boots are wonderful omg
  17. Halle

    Mom WARNS About White Supremacy & Teen Recruitment!

    of course they're real... i do not disagree with that at all. i'm just worried that some parents might be a bit too concerned about all this just because they one of those 'edgelord' or whatever meme accounts that are definitely not supposed to be places for the 'recruitment' she mentions. then again, there of course might be cases where someone goes a little nuts in those accounts and actually gets deeply interested in that kind of stuff.
  18. Deagan

    Azealia comes for PREP & Frank Ocean

    It actually is more effective than condoms. You really are unaware of the facts. Government health warning? For what? It is not an extra preventative measure, it is the most effective measure to stop HIV-infections. Your medical perspective on it? What is that, then?
  19. Deagan

    Azealia comes for PREP & Frank Ocean

    And to think that I, yes, I, received a warning for my message, but your ad hominem is totally unconsidered. I have no problems with reading, mr. "you are a disgusting human being if <enter stupid slut-shaming clause>". Mods should be on one side of this debate. The good one.
  20. SchwineLove

    Nicki Minaj got married

    Onika Petty sounds like a cool alter ego name
  21. FfFfFfFF

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    She should get in line.
  22. Joshie S

    Did Your Haus Labs Order Ship?

    I placed an order on the 11th of October and they notified me on the 15th that they had shipped it. The tracking number they gave me doesn't work though, been thinking about if I should message them? It's been a week now and estimated shipping said 9-13 days so still holding out, but just can't track it..
  23. Wet Fire

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    Gaga. Drake. Lil kim.
  24. kyanewest

    Lil Kim says she'd like to collab with Gaga

    It would be amazing
  25. PinkPop

    Big Brother - The Fame (Mons†er)

    1. Retro Dance Freak - GovernmentWarrior 2.Retro Dance Freak - ANTI WP 3. Retro Dance Freak - Blue Madonna 4.Metro Trance Tweak - Craven Moorecox 5. Retro Dance Freak - Davian 6. Retro Dance Freak - Lazz Monster 7. Retro Dance Freak - Glamourpuss 8. RDF - PP 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.
  26. LGMonster95

    Chart Discussion

    What's "so embarrasing" too? The fact that she's versatile with her shows and come up with new ideas and being creative? The fact that she started being again like the past Gaga at her shows that fans themselves wanted? What's really embarrasing is the fact that a big part of those fans are a bunch of pretentious hypocrites who could not give a crap about Gaga's well being when she fall a couple of days ago but being a lot more worried about LG6 itself.
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