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  2. today is the sixth days of protests in Catalonia. Don't let them fool you. This is where the violence comes from. (translation of the tweet: "The police charges have already started at Urquinaona Square against people who are sitting on the floor doing nothing. Just like yesterday")
  3. DelusionalGaga

    Billie Eilish’s brother involved in Selena Gomez’s new single?

    I don't know why, but I'm getting this weird suspicion that Finneas is Billie Eilish's brother
  4. Santa Stefani

    Boy, 10, loves dressing up as 'Laddy Gaga' & 'Boyoncé'

    Well he’s 9 and the way he talks looks more mature than me. I’m shocked. not gonna express my opinion about age or whatever but he slays anyways. I love the red look btw. But Im shocked.
  5. We stan allowing our youth to explore their identities and live their truth!!!
  6. oh he absolutely is, they're both on interscope
  7. Lord Temptation

    huge protests in Santiago over the increase of metro prices

    I don’t believe “systems” of any kind, whether political, religious or economic, are evil. I believe in personal accountability.
  8. Schizophonic

    Sarahs Makeup Room

    Iam referring to your aura and wording. thats a little unsettling / unapproable. maybe you should better shut up and say nothing at all.
  9. I’m a Democrat, but still CANT at you guys ignoring how she’s an oil-entrenched capitalist who’s helped destabilize entire countries and supported the North Dakota pipeline and for-profit prisons... Trump is a big moron but what scares me about her is how smart she is with the evil she does — she gets away with a lot that ya’ll turn a blind eye to. Did I want trump instead of her? No. Do I want her to be anywhere near politics? Also no. She’s a terrible person and everyone focuses in on her smallest issue — her dumb emails.
  10. If you consider communism to be an inherently "evil" thing I have nothing to talk with you.
  11. dailymail.co.uk Britain's youngest drag queens: Boy, 10, loves dressing up as 'Laddy Gaga' and 'Boyoncé' while nine-year-old reveals stealing his mother's lipstick makes him feel 'sassy and fantastic' Stephan's British parents who now live in Spain have travelled as far afield as Canada with their son so that he can perform, while Fabian, nine, from South Wales, regularly transforms into Francesca with the help of his mother Rachel. Fabian explained that he started experimenting with lipstick and mascara stolen from his mother's make-up bag at the age of six, and found it made him feel 'flamboyant and really fantastic and really sassy'. MORE HERE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7580849/Young-boy-does-drag-says-stealing-mothers-makeup-aged-six-feel-sassy.html
  12. gagaschickens

    Charli & A Fan's Mom's Ashes

  13. Lord Temptation

    huge protests in Santiago over the increase of metro prices

    So the wage gap has nothing to do with the situation as all higher income countries have higher inequality. It’s no excuse for violence.
  14. He's helping to grow another industry plant?
  15. A Hybrid

    Indie Musicians/Bands

    My queen’s top song on Spotify
  16. S0436

    Chart Discussion

    No worries, it’s only ‘buzz single’ #3
  17. Schizophonic

    Gaga unfollows Dan Horton

    guys .. you have to click to see the caption of this pic!
  18. DonatellaPop

    Indie Musicians/Bands

    You should check out Ms. Melanie Adele Martinez, sis is really talented and has great artistry and visual aesthetic
  19. Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez have one thing in common
  20. Sam98

    Gaga unfollows Dan Horton

    She's bi sis
  21. and I did not say it does
  22. androiduser

    Okay X-ray = "F" hand sign

    one thing I wanna say that doing the OK sign is an unnecessary exposure to x-rays... that position of the hand is not a proper position to do the scan, so they probably had to do an additional scan just to get this...
  23. I think it's good to try first to achieve things without violence, but if violence is the only way that people's voice is heard, why not. And we would have to agree on what violence is, since it's a very vage word.
  24. HookerOnAChurch

    Sarahs Makeup Room

    I wanna live in that place
  25. Lord Temptation

    huge protests in Santiago over the increase of metro prices

    Are you kidding? The Autumn of 1989 was entirely peaceful and ENDED communism in over 12 countries. Higher averages always are correlated with higher standard deviations. That doesn’t explain the violence, though.
  26. Lilmonzter

    Indie Musicians/Bands

    I forgot to mention my favourite indie folk band bon iver
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