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  2. Ally Campana

    Big Brother: Lady Gaga Songs 3

    It’s only fair. Good luck
  3. I've seen that before henny. And it's cute and modest of him to say, but he still deserves way more acknowledgement than that. But get your clickbait post, I guess.
  4. Varys

    Police brutality yet again in BCN

    wtf is wrong with them
  5. JusKeepBreathin

    Hillary Clinton found INNOCENT of Mishandling Classified Information!

    The state department found her innocent run by Mike Pompeo. Even her worst enemies, the ones that shouted lock her up the loudest, found her innocent. And here you are spiting out more useless nonsense about how "evil" she is, to make yourself feel better for believing the allegations about her emails.
  6. gagaschickens

    Lady Gaga IG Post: Hospital Visit

    And now a miscarriage. LG6 is scrapped. Bye sissies. She'll hide under her rock and come out when she's 70.
  7. Joshuaaaa

    Gaga Mentioned in Elton John Autobiography

    Both Gaga and Madonna have clearly put the feud to bed, i myself really don't care Madonna but its silly how it keeps getting brought up.
  8. DiamondKing

    BB - Performance Outfits (not LG)

    @Davian since you're online, please be the first HoH
  9. Honestly people don’t care, you gotta pick a side and trump is worse. Obama has also done some horrible, horrible things, but he’ll be remembered as the first black president who fought for gay rights and brought the USA into a new age, so if you bring up any of the bad stuff, it’s you that looks bad, not the Democratic politician. It’s almost always gonna be a matter of the lesser of two evils. That’s why I’m glad some of the Dem 2020 candidates actually seem to have clean records and be good people. Hopefully I’ll be proud to vote for someone for once!
  10. OnionGirl

    Chart Discussion

    WaiT at this being an official upload The impact etc
  11. PanPikus

    Chart Discussion

    Did Boyfriend lose TTH exposure? Cause it dropped a lot on Spotify WW - #71 (-23) And we're coming for MEDUZA next even though Piece Of Your Heart is a BOP
  12. Madling

    Gaga unfollows Dan Horton

    All hail the PR expert... The one who said Bradley and Gaga were so obviously going to get together, that she knew it from the minute she made the speech for the Bradley 🙄 tribute. Just because they were papped doesn't mean that the whole relationship was fake. They made out at The Cure concert yet People wasn't there documenting it. It was some random. Everything you dislike you claim it's PR. You're a mess. You have multiple accounts and people are starting to see through it. You also hated Taylor and try to spin gossip about him here too. As I said before. No tabloid ever got any dirt on Kinney in 5 years of Gaga dating him yet you, a random clown claiming to be a PR expert, knows the juicy truth! 🤣🤡🤡
  13. Miel

    Sarahs Makeup Room

    Although I am not always a fan of her looks and could be the biggest critic sometimes, this was such an interesting and insightful look into her world. A professional and an artist.
  14. Lord Temptation

    Boy, 10, loves dressing up as 'Laddy Gaga' & 'Boyoncé'

    Proud of this child but hope the adults/guardians don’t exploit him. If he wants to dress up, let him. If he wants to stop, let him. Should be no pressure on him to perform unless he wants to.
  15. Jester

    Sarahs Makeup Room

    Gaga queen of argan oil
  16. selena’s voice is far more suited fir chill, alt music than pop
  17. Glad you posted first. You just know it’s gonna get messy.
  18. I was talking about signing technique but that too
  19. Morphine Prince

    Billie Eilish’s brother involved in Selena Gomez’s new single?

    We love gardening.
  20. Morphine Prince

    Billie Eilish’s brother involved in Selena Gomez’s new single?

    Absolute bops? Yes sir, you are correct.
  21. GLK

    Lady Gaga IG Post: Hospital Visit

    I don’t want to.
  22. DiamondKing

    Big Brother: Lady Gaga Songs 3

  23. THIS . I see it by literally nobody replying to the thread about his EP I made a couple weeks ago . I hope he will be recognized by his name and not by his sister .
  24. today is the sixth days of protests in Catalonia. Don't let them fool you. This is where the violence comes from. (translation of the tweet: "The police charges have already started at Urquinaona Square against people who are sitting on the floor doing nothing. Just like yesterday")
  25. DelusionalGaga

    Billie Eilish’s brother involved in Selena Gomez’s new single?

    I don't know why, but I'm getting this weird suspicion that Finneas is Billie Eilish's brother
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