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  2. is it our fault that they’re clinically diagnosed with brain worms and unable to understand the depth of the album? saying that gaga isn’t deep enough is exactly what gaga is, you just don’t understand her, she’s an enigma.
  3. Michael Baram

    Chromatica Metacritic Score
  4. WhoDoWeHaveHere

    1000 Doves as a single?

    not so sure about that. when you bring so many dance producers/djs on board the bring beats and drops and i think some songs have been written around those existing fragments. remember that with ARTPOP the instrumentals popped up after the release because the producers had them finished before showing them to gaga?
  5. Gaby15

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    and if you were attentive, you could have got priority acess without preorder (I want to buy the album at the local store)
  6. thanks i hate it

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    Her catalog is stable at 5-6M hun before SL
  8. Azor Ahai

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    Well Dua had HALF the numbers on her first day so of course she didn't fall that hard.
  9. DrCake

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    Taylor’s Lover?
  10. Sherloid Bai

    Anonymous is back and coming after Trump, Police

    naomi campbell...notchu girl
  11. ArtGagaPop

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    are you telling me the whole of chromatica won't be charting in the spotify top 50 all summer?
  12. It's too much lol
  13. Frostken

    1000 Doves as a single?

    One of my favourites along with Fun Tonight. It's also very radio friendly.
  14. Jonathan2244

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    People on buzzjack things she can do 70k ^_^ If she can then I think about 50-60k depending on how sales hold?
  15. Tommy Monster

    If Chromatica were an 8 track EP...

    Alice Rain on me Free Woman Fun Tonight 911 Sour Candy Sine from Above 1000 Doves I would actually be satisfied with this
  16. Lawrence

    'Chromatica' Discussion - ACT IV

    I am sad this thread is slowly dying. LG6/Chromatica Discussion was an amazing journey up to release date. The meltdowns, the drama, the daily countdowns and the hype of every new information/leak we got. And just because I can I'll leave you with this...
  17. Lazz Monster


    It's coming, soon Thank you It took me around 4h to make that post
  18. NO DELETE the orginal is perfect the way it is
  19. Slovakialop

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    2nd day's drops: -Dua Lipa: -14,74% -Gaga: -31'76% -The Weeknd: -36'73%
  20. Sherloid Bai

    UK Album Chart: Chromatica 36k on SUNDAY update

    are you sure they didn't mean 3.6k these figures seem just too good to be true
  21. spicemuncher

    Chromatica orders being processed!

    Did anyone receive their items from the UK store WITHOUT getting a dispatch email? I'm puzzled as to why they still didn't send an email about dispatching the deluxe CD... same with the picture disc! I preordered ages ago.
  22. LetsGetHigh

    Charts Discussion - CHROMATICA - RAIN ON ME

    Yesterday: 55.7M overall, 48.3M for Chromatica so 7.4M for her catalogue. Today: 38M overall. At the worst possible scenario, 7.4M is for her catalogue and the album did 30.6M midday second day. More realistically, her catalogue did around 4-5M and the album did around 34M midday second day. Great numbers either way.
  23. LOUDER

    1000 Doves as a single?

    Chromatica have a lot of single worthy songs... It's so hard to choose and she can't please everyone or make everyone's favorite song a single. Good luck Gaga
  24. julz

    Best Album Closing Song

    TEOG. The outro of this song
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