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  2. The Fame

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    I like her current makeup artist a lot actually!
  3. I truly believe they're both equally involved with their work. Having a lot of people on your team doesn't negate the fact that you command the ship.
  4. neptugne

    Game Of Thrones S8 | Episode 2

    watched this interview between sophie turner and dr. phil, was really good! sweet, interesting, emotional. I really like them both, didn't like Phil before watching
  5. Jewels n Drugs

    MEGARATE || Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity

    Ugh i love stanning Talent. Im in sistrenss
  6. Teal Ambition

    Charts Discussion

    Here you go! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TJy2-onK1yUcNTaqFpoOoYPlkB4KcRh7/view OT: Shallow still slaying in Canada (I don't need any WPs )
  7. ReginaGeorge

    Live stream of #FREEBRITNEY protest West Hollywood

    So you don’t think that Britney herself would stop this if what they are saying are lies? Why doesn’t her team come up with great explanation? Why doesn’t she say anything? It would literally only take her few minutes to post video on instagram of her saying she’s fine and that everything was conspiracy.
  8. ghs

    May 3rd CountDown: New Single?

    The fact that he is releasing a single with a some guy on the 3rd actually makes me believe that Gaga isn't dropping the lead at the same date. So May 10 at it's earliest now.
  9. derpmonster

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    Oscars Sound of Music, C2C, landing the Super Bowl, Coachella, ASIB promotion Literally all of that to put her back in stardom after ARTPOP where the GP literally thought she was over and a comeback didn't seem possible. Now she's at her second peak AND has the GP's respect that she didn't before. Even older people love her now.
  10. calmar

    Pokémon Go

  11. GrigioGirl1

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    Sorry let's stick with the POST ARTPOP team please. Team LG was damn near flawless in her early years and I doubt anyone critisized much. Today, as we know, there are tons to critisize so let's celebrate some of the good things.
  12. You're always so annoying. Gaga is blatantly involved with her work. Just because you don't like it personally or its not up to whatever taste level you think you have (which is the stereotypical Robyn/Lorde/Florence type of stan mentality) has nothing to do with her actual creative integrity. Thats straight up slander. You spend so much time here flaunting your own musical preferences and making a point to convince anyone you talk to of why Gaga is lesser than whatever barely under the radar "alternative" artist you've discovered since you've became a fan of her. Pull the reigns on your own pretension please. Not to mention all your talk of lyrical interference being important is everything that ASIB was. She collaborated with so many talented writers and creators to make ASIB as amazing as it is. And you can't even acknowledge that without being overly defensive and snarky I mean damn. If you truly believe what you say then acknowledge that she did exactly what you said she should with ASIB. Always Remember Us This Way, I'll Never Love Again, etc are all beautifully and collaboratively written pop songs.
  13. DailyGaga

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    they chose poker face as the second single bu not beautiful dirty rich
  14. sabatini

    LG6 Discussion

  15. GrigioGirl1

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    For me: - The Netflix documentary. The fact that she did this BEFORE Beyonce AND Taylor Swift? What a GREAT idea. While other artists used HBO, Gaga went with Netflix which is by far the more popular service. Streaming >> Cable. Here we see Gaga is AHEAD of the trend. Streaming is the future.
  16. Mirages

    Katy Perry dresses up as Ursula

    Well this is it for The One That Got Away it's falling off the charts. No long hair = no charting confirmedt
  17. notsoratedr

    Examples of great ideas by LG current team

    their idea to create a "look book" on her IG during the JWT, she was feeding the children
  18. Brolysskins

    Katy Perry dresses up as Ursula

    nice n cool n very fun n cool n nice
  19. A lot of us like to critisize LG's team from her management, her makeup, her choreograhy, etc and that's fair. It's far from perfect and we should be able to discuss these things. But what are some examples when her team did something great?
  20. Mirages

    MEGARATE || Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity

    @KatieJudasGaga4 @Nuggets @Phoebe [email protected] @dimitristhe For those who didn't notice I added the tracks from international edition (Without You, Endless Love and Against All Odds) to the rate for more fun
  21. River

    GGD's Nintendo Hub

    Once Link fell of a cliff and died because of the drift I didn't know the Pro has the same problem, I want to buy one but now I'm questioning it
  22. She wants the role so bad
  23. Inferno

    Carino Caused LG6 "Delay"

    kind of. it was clear they were planning on working together. im sure they had an overall concept to go off of at least. but that also doesnt mean there was an "original lg6" that this fanbase can then cling onto if they don't like the what we get lol its dangerous speculation to start delving into although im sure people already are with all this "what happened to ARTPOPs little sister" lol she works with different people, writes a lot of music, whatever she was talking about with white shadow was probably just one idea of many and it wasnt taken further.
  24. Economy

    Elizabeth Warren has the biggest free college plan yet

    They would have to be taken over by government then
  25. Lazz Monster

    MEGARATE || Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity

    i will try, i promise
  26. Mirages

    MEGARATE || Mariah Carey #1 to Infinity

    Youve got a month until the deadline
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