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  2. ZiggyZiggs

    I think Madame X could be a visual album?

    I noticed that too but I don’t think it is shes definitely filmed 3-4 videos tho, and it’s rumored she’ll release the 2nd single in two weeks and another one before the album drops so there’s definitely more than 3 videos coming but a video for every single song, I doubt it

    Charts Discussion

    What are your pure sales numbers for the last two weeks??? I missed anyone talking about it
  4. ViviLittleM

    Charts Discussion

  5. Jae Eris

    Is Madonna fading?

    Sadly, yes. And honestly she doesn't really need to prove herself in the charts anymore. I just hope she'd focus more on the quality of her music on this stage forward. I guess it'd be unpopular but I did enjoyed Rebel heart (and MDNA, don't drag me). She hasnt faded for me.
  6. HolyDelRey

    Charts Discussion

    Also 'Maybe Its Time' reached 50 million streams, 7/19 tracks have now above 50m streams.
  7. _Scheisse

    Charts Discussion

    (Sorry for the mini meltdown, it kinda has to do with her touring success and I feel that out of all people in this forum you’re the most rational to express these thoughts too lol)
  8. we jumped through a monkeys bootyhole. save planet earth
  9. PlastiscGuy

    LG6 Discussion

    I just love how this thread started out of hype and excitement, and now it's full of delusion, meltdowns and hot members fighting each other over fake Twitter insiders
  10. _Scheisse

    Charts Discussion

    I know this has been discussed to death, but yikes, it really saddens me that she’s doing enigma. Specially after watching the Bey documentary I saw enigma in January and I had a good time, but in my opinion, that show really limits her evolution as a performer. I would love to see her embrace her greatness (just like Beyoncé does with every show) and really pull off a legendary show. I felt like the born this way ball was a natural progression from TMB, but then the artrave kinda slowed down the pace. I never saw the JWT because she cancelled my date (Montréal) and I never spoiled myself, but I feel like she hasn’t evolved in this aspect. the Super Bowl would be an exception, that was fantastic and she really displayed that she’s a legend kind performer but other than that, I really feel like she’s really predictable in this path. Specially when we compare her to Beyoncé and Madonna.
  11. Something that really caught my attention this morning was a teaser for Medellín madonna posted on social media. She's playing an equestrian on the music video. Now, in the minute long video where she announced Madame X, she says her album is inspired by a woman who changes identities and then names 15 different archetypes including a secret agent, a dancer, a professor, a head of state, a housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a mother, a child, a teacher, a nun, a singer, a saint and a *****. It could be a coincidence she mentioned the character she's playing for the lead single. However, there's 15 tracks on the album, so she could fit a different persona for each song. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but I thought it was an interesting concept.
  12. Sneaky

    LG6 Discussion

    The Apple Music layout here still has the Enigma profile picture and the Joanne header. But as far as I actually remember, they never changed the layouts here to GAGA.
  13. monketsharona

    LG6 Discussion

    He is cancelled
  14. HolyDelRey

    Charts Discussion

    The fact that she'll soon have 800 million streams from only two tracks, it's out of this world. She really turned into streaming artist. Everything from now is only a bonus.
  15. ArtGagaPop

    Charts Discussion

    thank god gaga isn't in this, it already looks like a mess
  16. It's been 10 minutes and I'm still laughing at this

    Fame Monster unreleased

    Yes but then she had a choice to put it on tfm, she reworked it and everything glad she didn’t put it on tfm
  18. ItsTommyBitch

    Mueller Report will be made public today after sent to Congress

    I feel like its still going to be redacted beyond being useful

    What’s your favourite tfm song...

  20. Yeah, that's disgusting. That's the reason why I don't support any Amy documentary or album reissue since it's her father who will grab the coins.
  21. Sepsami

    Fake lyrics for Katy's new collab

    LOST IT at the espanol line
  22. adammonroe

    Christian infringed on Gaga’s creative process

    It really isn't that serious... wtf
  23. I- they really did a literal asshole transition shot
  24. River Phoenix

    LG6 Discussion

    I’m disappointed because I’ve been following their page for Gaga’s fashion moments but tweets like this is not cute.
  25. MrDarkGa

    What’s your favourite tfm song...

    The holy trinity that is Monster, Dance in the Dark and So Happy I could Die.
  26. Concertaholic

    Gaga gettin down to Drunk in Love with Oscar in hand

    Found it, that's literally frosting or a piece of cake
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