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  2. MonsterBall13

    Nicki becomes a waitress for Red Lobster

    They need more waitresses like Chun LI inb4 she gets into fights with customers
  3. Bio

    Madonna vs. Gaga Battle Game

    Just Dance vs. Into the Groove LoveGame vs. Like a Virgin Poker Face vs. Who's That Girl Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) vs. Cherish Beautiful, Dirty, Rich vs. Papa Don't Preach The Fame vs. Hollywood Money Honey vs. Material Girl I Like It Rough vs. Erotica Bad Romance vs. Vogue Alejandro vs. La Isla Bonita Speechless vs. Oh Father Dance in the Dark vs. What It Feels Like for a Girl Telephone vs. Hung Up So Happy I Could Die vs. Crave Teeth vs. Give It 2 Me Born This Way vs. Express Yourself Judas vs. Girl Gone Wild Hair vs. Burning Up Bad Kids vs. Human Nature Fashion of His Love vs. Dress You Up Yoü and I vs. Don't Tell Me The Edge of Glory vs. Ray of Light G.U.Y. vs. Revolver Sexxx Dreams vs. Justify My Love Jewels N' Drugs vs. Bitch I'm Madonna Do What U Want vs. Joan of Arc ARTPOP vs. Bedtime Story Dope vs. Bad Girl Gypsy vs. Holiday Applause vs. Give Me All Your Luvin' Lush Life vs. American Pie Perfect Illusion vs. American Life Million Reasons vs. Take a Bow Sinner's Prayer vs. Nothing Fails Come to Mama vs. Celebration Hey Girl vs. Me Against the Music Shallow vs. Ghosttown Always Remember Us This Way vs. Live to Tell I'll Never Love Again vs. Crazy for You Gaga: 20 vs. Madonna: 19
  4. DesertWolf

    El Mal Querer Megarate

    Will send them today for sure, working on them now :P
  5. A Hybrid

    1st Democratic Debate Tonight

    Does anyone else feel like compared to the other countries’ elections, the US elections seems to be more about being the subject of media and less about actually politics? Don’t get me wrong, it’s important of course, it just feels so fake... And fun to watch. Like a TV show
  6. River Phoenix

    LG6 Discussion

    Don’t worry guys her senorita era is coming
  7. My God I don’t think Gaga’s ever looked worse in her life , I hope she never goes this route again cuz
  8. Linus Gaga

    Twinning - Gaga one year apart

    One year ago we were saying she looks like she is about to release LG6 lead single.
  9. River Phoenix

    Chart Discussion

    A hit 😭 the fact that Shawn and Camilla might dethrone that Yee haw song blows my mind
  10. Bigmac1162

    Paparazzi follow Gaga all the way to Apollo for autographs

    Maybe why she smoking
  11. Whispering

    1st Democratic Debate Tonight

    I’m all for Warren, but this format with so many people might be difficult for her. She’s going to have to say more with less and that’s hard for someone like her...someone with actual detailed policies that they can explain very well with some time allotted. ”Free everything for everyone” or “Rich people suck” often play better in debates. These early debates are often about the one liners.
  12. RudraCNG

    Cardi B - Press

    I didn't. And I didn't even view the comments section. So who's stalking me
  13. kuraudo

    LG6 Discussion

    I just had a nice little chat with the costumer service at Sirius XM (which I suppose many of you had in the meantime), which ended up being rather interesting, so I wanted to share it with you here: So, judging from this encounter, they apparently backtracked a little on their initial statement that there definitely would be a new single coming up this Friday. Interestingly enough, she seemed pretty sure about the fact that there would be a new single coming very soon. When being asked about her opinion on the new song, she said she was asleep at the time. I guess this was merely a misunderstanding and she meant the concert on Monday. To conclude: The statement about not having any information of a single release could either be a sign that the first information was simply based on a misunderstanding or it is a new policy for the costumer service to not give out any information whatsoever after the rumor started circulating. After all, there is still hope!
  14. ghs

    LG6 Discussion

    This is exhausting. To think she was supposed to put a single out in March and NADA till now is so disappointing. Her silence on social media is the worst.
  15. Earthling

    Cardi B - Press

    So after seeing this I really want her and Iggy to collab The visuals would be a such serve
  16. Delusional Aura

    U B S says world economy close to recession.

    And that's their fault? For years the US allowed it and they took advantage of it. As Trump once said, their leaders are way smarter than ours. Who would've thought i would quote that obese orange to justify my point
  17. Omg no I wanna forget this ****ing picture
  18. Ronlop

    Cardi B - Press

    I lovve this!
  19. MrG1087

    Cardi B - Press

    Did you just comment that on YouTube? Someone by the name of Bubblez Zoukoc said the same thing LOL
  20. Her whole face looks different, not just the lips. Serving Epione face carbon copy.
  21. Ferrana

    Rosie O

    By the way, I don't understand it either. Maybe someone will explain?
  22. Gracious Gaga

    Ellie Goulding shows off new lips, fans lose it

    She’s starting to look like big ang
  23. Ferrana

    What are your most played artists?

    By the way, thanks to the last artist, I met my husband. The fact is that we talked on https://www.naughtydate.com/ dating site and when we started talking about music, it turned out that our musical tastes are very similar. And then we listened to Lana's new album at the same time.
  24. i'm never gonna understand this fish lip phase (i hope phase)
  25. badgirlmeat

    El Mal Querer Megarate

    i love this album i'm in
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