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  2. damn she got tired of her new single
  3. Summerboy Still a bop though
  4. Summerboy Disco Heaven Bad Kids (Now) Do What U Want Til It Happens To You Grigio Girls
  5. MonsterMom

    Favourite Gaga Invention From The Fame Era?

    Obviously the Disco Stick...the only right answer!
  6. Definitely not something on an album. Probably one of the pre-Fame tracks. Like Electric Kiss
  7. TheSlash

    Gaga Piano Appreciation

    I wouldn't want her to do a completely new album with only piano songs. But I would love to have smth along the lines of "Lady Gaga: The Piano Sessions" where she plays both her hugest hits (Disc 1) and fan favorites (Disc 2) on piano
  8. Reginald

    Gaga arriving at studio "204" in Hollywood 05/24

    Queen of Heels comfirmedt for LG6
  9. I think people (including Taylor herself) need to be less sensitive. First of all, like members have pointed out, men are asked about marriage and having kids all the time too, it's not just a women's question. And, I think sometimes people are trying to make it seem sexist when there isn't sexism in the first place. Having your own family is regarded as wonderful by many people and many women and men look forward to it. The fact that Taylor thought this was sexism is just a little too much imo.
  10. chiuga

    Miley: "ILY Selena but I listen to Demi"

    I don't even like you Demi and I listen to Selena.
  11. LiamNick

    Charts Discussion

    ExCUsE mE?!
  12. KatieJudasGaga4

    Charts Discussion

    Literally, the biggest place Shallow is smashing right now is Brazil.
  13. calmar

    Pokémon Go

    I missed the Lapras raid hour because I was in Heathrow airport away from any pokestops the whole time
  14. Andree

    Charts Discussion

    its everywhere at least in Mexico. I'm so tired of shallow I even don't stream it anymore
  15. Most of the TF (sans singles, The Fame, Starstruck and Money Honey) From BTW I don’t listen to the bonus tracks (even tho I liked TQ, it’s too long), Bad Kids and Americano. From ARTPOP I don’t listen to the title track, JnD, MJH, Dope, Gypsy and Manicure. Tbh it’s just Aura, Venus, GUY, and SD that I listen to the most. And sometimes Fashion and Donatella (even though they’re not good songs they’re bitchin) and obvs Applause. Joanne it’s literally the first half. I like MR but I stop at after PI, MR just doesn’t fit my mood most of the time.
  16. GeoDude

    Gaga Piano Appreciation

    She played a bit of this same composition "ragtime" on a tv show in the beggining of her career. I remember always going back to it on youtube.
  17. hausofdave

    Charts Discussion

    a kittykat on ATRL said Shallow is/was a nonevent in Latin America
  18. slayo


    terrible megarate ugh. the ranks were all wrongs. why do people hate Baby so much? i had no idea
  19. Freezie03

    Gaga arriving at studio "204" in Hollywood 05/24

    if this ain't the new aesthetic for the next album I -
  20. Haroon

    GGD's Nintendo Hub

  21. raragaga

    Which Album Has More Fillers: BTW or ARTPOP?

    born this way is her best album. no fillers. sacrilege. ARTPOP is the only answer
  22. Lion Heart

    Pokémon Go

    4 Lapras encounters, 2 catches but no shiny. I finally caught a Burmy though. It's pink, but male so it will become a Mothim unfortunately.
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