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Ukraine-Russia Crisis Discussion (Post all related news here)


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Ya, agreed! But also if Russia doesn't pull back forces in the area then other nations/UN will step in to make them and thats just sticky 

. We'll have to see what the UN has to say when the Security Council meets tomorrow! Hoping for actual progress to peace!!

Me too, this whole mess needs to be solved peacefully and soon :)

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Illuminati Freak

My country doesn't mess around. F*CK Putin!

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Sometimes i forget canada is a country :megaflop: good job tho canada!

canada has the largest population of ukranians outside of ukraine  :later:

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After referendum Pro Yugoslavia( Serbia) attacked Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia


Serbia has to protect its civilians who were banished from those lands. More than 250 000 people were banished. Its genocide. Serbia was protecting the constitution, the LAW. 


You have to obey the law and not always lick the ass of USA and EU. That's why you are now in poor economic situation, like as you are out of EU :D

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if the USA gets involved in this, then we are all in this :wtf:

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Im scared, i just watched Schindler's List a few weeks ago..

Please dont make this happen

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Just a thought.  I've been reading a bit on this and it seems that the Ukrainians that are siding with Russia are already from Russian descent.  It's just that they now live in the Ukraine.  Do they want the two countries to merge?  Why don't they just return to Russia if they aren't happy where they are?  Can someone simplify this?

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THE United States has demanded an end to Russian intervention in Ukraine after President Barack Obama told President Putin he had violated international law.


In a 90-minute phone call, he also told him to withdraw forces to bases in Crimea or face political and economic isolation.


The US also wants international monitors deployed immediately after an emergency UN Security Council session today.


He also spoke to France and Canada’s leaders to discuss the crisis, vowing to work together on an aid package to the hard-hit country.


The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, said the decision by Russian lawmakers to endorse military action in Ukraine was “as dangerous as it is destabilising.â€


“This intervention is without legal basis, indeed it violates Russia’s commitment to protect the sovereignty territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine,†she said.


“It is time for the Russian intervention in Ukraine to end. The Russian military must stand down,†Power added.







This article is 3 hrs old.

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