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12 minutes ago, JustifyMyLove said:

They didnt post a 1080p vid? :giveup:

the vid looks too bad (I mean the quality bc the flashing lights and stuff) even in 720p, mess, waiting for the master or ProRes to leak

no, I tried ripping it in 1080p but they gave me an error message :/

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Hello, everyone... So it's been a while since I officially updated things here, and I do apologize for that. Other things in my life were demanding far too much of my attention. (I think I'll leave it at that...)

I'm starting to catch up on stuff uploaded to my MEGA folder (see the first post for the link). I've uploaded Perfect Illusion, along with a couple of other vids from Gaga's Vevo/YouTube channel. Like before, the video is Vevo's higher-end 1080p stream, and the audio comes from YouTube, as YouTube's audio is slightly superior in quality to Vevo's. (And yes, audio and video are synced.)

I'll be uploading more shortly (i.e. within the next couple of days)! It's wonderful to be doing this again, as we enter a new album era :D

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Thank you so much for this!! Will you be updating it with Million Reasions, Joanne, John Wayne and maybe the A-YO/John Wayne VSFS Performance??? 

lives behind the aura
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