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Deadmau5 Declined Working With Gaga


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Paper Planes

He's obviously not right in the head, but there's no reason for everyone to harass him on Twitter. All of the Twitter monsters are giving us all a bad rep and making us look like a bunch of little dickheads.

delete it fat
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I don't find it that rude. He just said he declined. :shrug:

This, Plus I'm cool with it since I dislike his sound, production and direction :)

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this is not very clear. He could be talking about anything, making it up, it's way too angry for me to take seriously.


This guy is either a mega troll or unstable in the head. 


Also his music is boring as balls  :lolgaga:

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I'm glad he didn't lay a hand on ARTPOP! :clap:He would've gave it a bad vibe...especially with all this hate! He would've given her a hard time, if he begrudgingly worked with her...  

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Don't know what is worst, his hate or the hate of twitter monsters.


Twitter monsters, you guys needs to staaaaaph, you guys make this fanbase looks bad. :cryga:

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I'm going to stop reading threads about deadmau5 on GGD, y'all are so rude!  :grr:

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