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Rough, early cut of "Aura" leaks (LYRICS IN OP)

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I feel like the song is about how all women have a 'veil,' all women (and men for that matter) are hiding behind a mask of some kind and it's like she's asking a man, "Do you really want to see what lies beneath, the real me?"  I don't know, I just feel like, toward the end, when she says "Behind the aura, behind the curtain, behind the burqa," that she's implying that whether it's a physical object like a burqa, or something metaphorical like an 'aura,' there's still a barrier, though enigmatic and mysterious.


It makes me think about different degrees of feminism, how a woman in America can look at women who are covered up and think that it's male-dominated, but one could also argue that the hyper-s-xualization of women in America is pretty anti-feminist too.





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i feel like this is gaga leaking it tbh   BUT I'M FREAKING THE **** OUT

IF THIS IS FAKE OMG. Best fake I've seen.

Hoping its fake. Aint feeling this at all


She's such a marketing genius. This song is perfect because it's controversial and gets everyone talking and playing into her hands...what she's doing with the concept of the burqa isn't 100% wrong and it isn't 100% right, so people could talk forever about it without reaching a conclusion and get her more press, and the ones who get all up in arms about it aren't the ones who listen to her music, anyway, because they're already pissed off at her for the lyrics of Born this Way. Perfect!

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Hi guys. My thoughts about gaga and the general public today is doesnt she always push the boundaries with her music? Doesnt she already challenge what today's radio will play and what the general public will like? Without gaga taking risks with electronic dance pop music would music be where it is today? Yes her songs are not made for the general public, however they are made to push boundaries and change tastes in music. So yeah, hows everything. Quick story, im a muslim and i live in a quite islamic populated suburb in sydney. Anyway when i shop, i see countless women with burqa's which i call 'ninjas', so i played burqa on a speaker telling everyone Applause come in 9 days ARTPOP on november 11 and i told them look gaga is sticking up for us saying we are women of choice not slaves!!! My suburb have all became monsters!!!!!! tbh they all looked at me like wtf is wrong with me but oh well, i believe that is fame so i have achieved it.

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The Infected Mushroom fanbase seems to have found the answer to what happened with the song.


Basically: Zedd liked the track (Called Kink at the time) and ask for it. They helped him create a more ''Zedd-ish version'' and he kept it for further use. Then he decided to use it for Aura.


There you go: http://infected-mushroom.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=362399&start=125


It's at the bottom of page 6.


So that explains this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJFaNaiXuCA


Also there is a small part of the studio recording of that song on the internet.

If you want it just ask me, since I'm new here I actually have no clue how to upload it here so ( If that is even possible :hehe:)

Oh and last thing: on their studio recording, the DANCE-SEX-ART-POP part is actually longer (as heard on the live Infected Mushroom video) Personally, I think they should REALLY keep that part for the actual Aura song we're gonna get but... it's not our call so...


I was scrolling down and noticed the hebrew (my language) thinking 'WTF' for a second... lol

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I don't even think these people were even listening to the song. 



That's not right at all. This is a song of empowerment for Women in that area. 

Yes because "do you want to see me naked, do you want to see what's underneath the covers?" is totally not s-xualizing or trivializing the burqa at all. Women wear burqas as a form of teasing!

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