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Katy Perry erases Witness and Smile from her website


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Witness wasn’t a bad album I just don’t think she was in a healthy head space (understandable given the height of her career before witness)

smile has one or two decent songs but it doesn’t feel like a KP album and the rollout was shocking 

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its for the best, very bad albums

i recently gave Witness a listen for the first time since release and it's just as meh as the first time, the only good tracks being the singles

mother, what must i do?
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I actually decided to give both albums a listen last night and Witness is stronger than i remember...it just doesn't have a lot of major hooks so sometimes it feels like it drones on.

Smile has some AMAZING songs (Never Really Over, Cry About it Later, Harleys in Hawaii) but overall it's a lot of filler and while it tries to emulate the previous colorful, over the top, superpop feel of Teenage Dream, it just doesn't succeed.

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4 hours ago, TAIPEI said:

justice for witness 👁️👄👁️




Witness Katy was such a vibe - but gotta admit, very entertaining

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11 hours ago, Anderson123 said:

Cry About It Later is better than anything on Prism and Witness except for Chained To The Rhythmn but yes Smile is still a meh album. 

Cry about it later 

Teary eyes


Champagne problems 

Not the end of the world 


Are all much better than some of her past work.

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