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JoJo Siwa previews Balance Baby


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Why is everybody obsessing Chappell roan when Jojo is the real cringey deal :trollga:
she reminds me of the South Park episode where they are sacrificing Britney Spears. 

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Phoenix Rises

Money can buy u the best writers and producers :air: cause it sounds like a bop. She keeps on releasing previews and not releasing the songs or videos :fthis: I was invested in 'choose your fighter" and the video never dropped, she just shot a new MV for a new song then does this?:saladga:

spread love ,respect,compassion AMEN!!!!
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Luv u Sum

the only one that sounds like she's actually singing the song :trollga:

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5 hours ago, LateToCult said:

Not many people would care about any Zara release tbf 

I cant, the tea :icant:

gaga, halsey, lorde, taylor, dua
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