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Kabosu, aka Doge, Popular Meme Dog Have Passed Away


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the owner posted an IG Story announcing it today, that Kabosu-chan had passed away and “is at rest now.” She was 18.
That is 88 in human years.  :franminervini:



And in the official blog post, Kabosu's human wrote:

“Outside the window, birds were singing on a beautiful morning. As I was touching her, she gently passed away,” wrote Sato, a kindergarten teacher in the Japanese city of Sakura. “I think she was the happiest dog in the world.”



Sato said in a series of Instagram posts in 2022 that Kabosu had leukemia and liver disease. She is planning to hold a “farewell gathering” on Sunday.

Kabosu became one of the most recognizable animals on the internet back in 2010 when a photo of her posing with folded paws and a quizzical expression spread across forums such as Reddit.

That sparked a proliferation of “doge” memes, based on an intentional misspelling of the word “dog,” with internet users photoshopping Kabosu’s face onto pastries, landmarks and other animals.

The popularity of “doge” memes was cemented in December 2013, when Kabosu became the face of alternative cryptocurrency Dogecoin — a tongue-in-cheek response to Bitcoin that reflected the internet’s love of animal memes. Other meme tokens followed, including a shiba inu coin.


Rest In Love, Kabosu. Thank you for all the laughs :franminervini:

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✧*:・゚ WUMBOLOGY! (*´艸`*) ♡♡♡
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She actually lived quite a long time, but now she lives for eternity. Rest in peac. :holdmyhand:

"👁 Hate U" 💜🩷🩵
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aw sad

its weird following famous dogs online
i have been following a japanese chihuahua account for years now

all the captions are in japanese so i am there for the cute photos

last week i translated a caption out of curiosity and realized that the dog had died for a year now!  and the owner has been putting up old photos... lol didn't know how to feel about it

"Δεν είσαι αγάπη. Δεν είσαι αγάπη. Είσαι οφθαλμαπάτη. Η τέλεια οφθαλμαπάτη" - Λαίδη Γκάγκα, 2016
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Such life. Very RIP. Wow :noparty:

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