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Lady Gaga talks about Telephone sequel


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3 hours ago, SlaeUrAnus said:

This interviewer was asking all the RIGHT questions. 

Link to full interview?

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Honestly if the rumour that the next Beyonce album is Rock n Roll inspired, perfect time for a repeat Gaga duet. 

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I don’t think Bey is necessary for a Telephone continuation, as Paparazzi is part 1, but it would be sickening for another Telephone/Video Phone moment 

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honestly Beyoncé wasn’t even on any iteration of MANiCURE as the original sequel so as long as she’s in the video I guess she doesn’t need to be on the song.

Also random, but I really think once Beyoncé has sort of finished  her culture reclamation era she should make a surprise appearance during one Telephone performance. Like imagine Gaga doing say Coachella or Glastonbury and suddenly Beyoncé just pops out of a telephone box onstage during the song

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*starts rumor*


Gaga confirmed for Renaissance Part 2 (Rock Album)

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