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ARTPOP Pop-up Japan store first look!

Joshie S

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Aw that looks so cute. I saw a picture of the ARTPOP 10th anniversay CD Mini LP from Japan that is coming out soon and I might end up getting it. The one they did for Chromatica is gorgeous and this one is going to look good next to it. I hope it's the same size.

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Smother Em Eh

It looks awesome and so fun! 

How random looks like they are appreciate it even more then we do. Now let me get on a flight to Tokyo…

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This looks so cute and like it'd be so much fun to walk through!! :heart:

I can make out some TFM CD's on that pink table so I'm guessing they've got her discography for sale and not just ARTPOP! I hope all the fans over there get to enjoy it. Love this for them! :holdmyhand:

。゚☁ glued up, sometimes it's too much ☁ ゚。
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Joshie S

It seems this was set up by the record label, sadly. At least there was something?

There is also a Rolling Stones store up stairs, which they are selling the Hackney Diamonds record, which features Gaga SSOH :artdoll2:

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16 hours ago, weed said:

jydjdjrtdjytdjyt :laughga: you know some will!

I was literally going to quote that exact line “don’t get too upset”. I LOL’d when I read it. 

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