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Leak: All Chromatica Multitracks


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4 hours ago, ALittleMonsta said:

leakers said it doesnt exist

desperately need leakers to stop acting like they know the ins-and-outs of Gaga's mind in that case :toofunny: she indicated multiple times in late 2013-early 2014 that she had an idea of the main album, Act II, and additional songs that would be reserved for the app

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9 minutes ago, leedeegaga said:

There's a video of Zedd in the street from a few years ago saying Onion Girl doesn't exist unfortunately...

And yet we got the title from Gaga, and DJWS years later confirmed that he's heard Onion Girl that he likes it :toofunny:

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30 minutes ago, PartySick said:

Sisterrrrr the multitracks for the whole album leaked :bradley:

Listening to Rain On Me’s Guitar Stem rn and ASCENDINGGG it’s SO BEAUTIFUL AAHHH

the intimacy the guitar is played 🥺🥺

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2 hours ago, TimotheeChalamet said:

No matter how much I search, that site won't work for me. I can't understand why it's so criminal to share a link here 

For me personally, it works on PC but NOT mobile.

EDIT: Apparently I am getting a 502 error now on PC.

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GAGGG i found a Stupid Love demo and I put all the stems together and it’s like a whole new demo I’ve never heard before. Prob earlier than the “in relation” one

This is so cool

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tyler k

the lead vocal omfg is INCREDIBLE

why wasn't this the lead???

if it was a little longer/had a bridge this couldve smashed #1 omg

mmmy name ~isn't~ aliceee
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I would be absolutely disgusted if someone sent me the stems in any way.....whether they got the whole album already or just Replay or another song(s). Please respect my boundaries at this time 


I cannot find a damn thing or get the site to work


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