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Dua Lipa Management: Very Ambitious For DL3. Wants To Change Pop Culture


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9 hours ago, Admin said:

Future Nostalgia is very much in the same lane as Teenage Dream and 1989, if not much better. You are just more attached to those pre-2014 albums 

You're the voice of reason, well said! 

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King of the Fall
11 hours ago, Versace said:

I’m sorry but Dua and FN are not as impactful to Pop culture as some may think. C’mon guys after pioneers like Madonna, Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, Katy with TD, Taylor with 1989…Dua’s pop music is just not in the same lane. FN was a cute album at best and Houdini sounds like any other dance floor record. This girl is not pushing the boundaries nor is she reshaping pop culture. I wish she was, as I love Pop music but the truth is she isn’t. 

 FN is not a "cute album at best" it was one of the two the defining albums of 2020 along with After Hours. It has definitely contributed to reshaping pop culture such as helping to revitalize certain 70s and 80s sounds with a fresh and modernized approach, although to be fair, the same thing had already been achieved in 2015 with Carly Rae Jepsen's masterpiece Emotion, everyone else just took awhile to catch up.

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