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HUGE merch drop for ARTPOP's 10th Anniversary


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How did no one in charge look at this list of merch and think ‘hm maybe this looks bland’. ARTPOP was so much more than sticking the album cover as a square on a black tshirt or a waterbottle and charging a fortune for it?! It’s almost insulting. I really don’t mind the change of pace in the fandom and understand that there’s less happening than 10 years ago, but therefore I would hope that when something like a limited edition merch drop does happen, it’s at least done super well?! Like hire a designer? And otherwise just don’t bother :iamfair:

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13 hours ago, Ophelia said:


And here we have the exclusive Spotify drop, act quickly guys :traumatica:

'Thanks for being a fan'.... Now buy:derpga:

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It’s so bad… I’m sorry. I was gonna buy because of my love for the record, but I can’t find one good reason to. It’s expensive, ugly, and just plain disrespectful honestly.

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