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Is Fame Monster era GOAT? Great YouTube video.


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On 8/21/2023 at 11:42 PM, monstertoronto said:

Aura made sense thematically as it starts with murder and being on the road. I always thought that it was a lost opportunity not being the sequel. 

It also makes sense because Aura was supposed to be the lead single of ARTPOP. The instrumental also has a western vibe, which lines up with the video.

Gaga said numerous times back then that she wants to do a sequel but it has to be at the right time. When she was friends with Perez, he confirmed this. Remember, before the 2009 VMA's he hinted that Gaga's performance would have surprises and be "next level". He was certainly right about that!!! :cryga:

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5 hours ago, monstertoronto said:

Ooh. I love thrillers right now too (but I usually want a happy ending lol). What’s the best one you have seen lately? 

i havent seen any good ones or ones worth remembering. There is only netflix available in my country and ive been a bit busy to torrent and stuff

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