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Taylor Swift - You’re Losing Me (from The Vault)


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4th Street

Lyrically meh by Taylors standards and production so bland it sounds AI. I am sure the Swifties will eat it up and call it a masterpiece.

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"Deeds will not be less valiant though they go unpraised
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"joe alwyn" is trending on twitter:alsemanche:



Current evidence strongly suggests that the universe is expanding, with the distant galaxies moving away from us.
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TheFame Monster
49 minutes ago, Edonis said:

These reactions...yikes!!!

these are the same ones that say “we should stay out of her personal life” when people bring up how problematic Matty Healy is. Leave Joe Alwyn alone!!!

they’ll also be going after John Mayer once July hits

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19 minutes ago, Naak Le Vaar said:

If she herself admits she wouldn't marry herself then why is her fan base up in arms about this? 

bc they don't touch enough grass!

mother, what must i do?
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