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Cheek To Cheek or Love For Sale?

C2C or LFS?  

42 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one?

    • Cheek To Cheek
    • Love For Sale

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I personally prefer C2C as I didn't enjoy the songs on L4S that much. :classy:


Also while you're here, would you be here for another Jazz album? :oops:

I'd be here for another Jazz album BUT if it was maybe done differently and had modern production similar to music the spoiler. I think Gaga's Jazz music could just do with a new style! Having said that, I do still like the albums with our Tony but these are just my thoughts :flower:






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I actually loved C2C and didn’t love L4S that much when it came out but I voted for Love for Sale because I ended up listening to it all the time last year and now I think it’s amazing and better than the first. 

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On C2C I love Nature Boy, Cheek To Cheek, The Lady Is A Tramp (it's on some deluxe versions I believe), Anything Goes, Bang Bang. Never really listened to LFS except the first song that was released, so I'll go for C2C

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I find L4S more cohesive honestly even though both albums are great.

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Love both but I connect more to C2C because I got to see them on tour and the memories are amazing.

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I expect original jazz material from Gaga for the Joker soundtrack and I somehow think I’ll prefer it over the covers. I appreciate Tony for everything he’s done for Gaga, but jazz in general is just not for me. 

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Well, I’ve listened to C2C once and never listened to LFS :franminervini:

Love Gagz, just not my cup of tea :ororomunroe:

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i prefer everything about C2C , but tbh they are completely different. 


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I remember this same vote right after LFS came out and it won easily. Interesting how quick yall changed your minds

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Sine From Above

The vocals on L4S are more softer and calming however C2C is more opulent and better produced. Plus prefer the aesthetics of the era a lot more.

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