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Trump reveals he will be arrested on Tuesday


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Still inciting violence.  He’s absolutely an enemy of the state.  No doubt about it.   

4 hours ago, faysalaaa1 said:

But why not arrest him on the classified documents?

He faces numerous charges in multiple jurisdictions. It's not either / or. This is a New York case. Others include Georgia, and (hopefully, eventually) multiple federal cases.

Also, he has no real idea if he's getting arrested on Tuesday -- he attributes that to "leaks", not personal info. For once in his worthless life, I hope he's right.

BTW, he IS a flight risk and VERY MUCH a threat to the community (/ nation / world), so he should be detained until trial. But, I'm pretty sure they won't. :(

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9 hours ago, tomsches said:

Could we have Trump and Putin in the same week, please? 

Putin won't be so stupid as to go anywhere that he might be arrested, although apparently he is now in occupied Crimea, which seems dangerous enough for him.

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13 hours ago, Sir Bride said:

sometimes there are dates schedualed so the person in question can finish whatever they need to or say good bye to family or quit their job or something

interesting, i did not know this. probably only for people in my power or with money

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7 hours ago, stevana229 said:

do republicans forget Trump ADMITTED that he paid Stormy Daniels hush money payments to save his presidential campaign? like isn't that illegal???

But thats an issue nobody cares about, so why would republicans care? Even people who are happy about him being punished dont actually care about why hes being jailed.

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14 hours ago, Dennis said:

In a country where everything is upside down, watch this help him rather than hurt him.

Ugh can't he just retire from politics

It wouldnt help Trump if the law was being applied to everyone.

Politicians and corporations openly commit crimes everyday without being heald accountable, while citizens  and journalists are jailed for practicing free speech. People (including children) are jailed and tortured in concentration camps without a trial. This is all illegal in America and international law, yet nobody cares.

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out of all the things to be arrested for im kinda annoyed its this........ 

hes done way worse but if he lands in prison or it keeps him from running ill be happy. however knowing america, he will get away with it......

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