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Lady Gaga - Hold My Hand (95th Academy Awards)

BUtterfield 8

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Was I looking forward to fire, leather, the LG bomber jacket, and a plane set? Absolutely 

Do I still love this? Absolutely!

British social ladies with upturned pinkies, glasses clinking // xoxoTEANUS
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Listen, Haus Labs isn't cheap.  You can't expect her to pay for makeup for every single performance.  

It was actually genius being so simple. Nobody would have expected this. The grunginess almost reminded me of Jo Calderone. She already performed her version at the Chromatica Ball, I feel like this w

8 minutes ago, LilyLark said:

She sounded great.

Lord, half of film twitter is dragging her again for that intro. I thought it was fine, a tiny bit dramatic, but nowhere near dramatic as she has been in the past. TBH the whole film twitter/film journo crowd is just so, so nasty (not just towards Gaga, tbf, they are nasty in general and even worse towards people like Taika Waiti, etc.). TBH I feel like she'e too nice/good for that crowd most of the time, and the music industry (however problematic it can be) appreciates big personalities and strangeness more.

what were they saying? have they heard of lady gaga in the last decade and a half? she’s been dramatic since day 1. strange how film people who are supposed to be “cultured” and “artsy” don’t get the art. lol 

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I loved the first half of the performance. A nice twist on the melody and her tone sounded fantastic. Wish she played more with her lower notes in general, she always sounds excellent when she does it. The final moments were a bit shaky, she was a tiny tiny tiny bit pitchy and her high notes sounded a little bit tense, but they’re just nitpicks. A very good performance considering she barely rehearsed for this. We can’t expect Sound Of Music tribute levels every time since she had months to rehearse for that.

I wonder how her vocals will continue to evolve and how her next album will sound.

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10 minutes ago, lilboyblue said:

OKAY I LOVE THIS. I think hearing it for the first time was just a bit jarring because of my familiarity with the song.

this. i just rewatched it and the performance was staggering. her little smile/smirk just before hitting the chorus—so soulful and beautiful. 🖤

stella + elliot = stelliot
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Maxine Puth
5 minutes ago, Chromatography said:

strange how film people who are supposed to be “cultured” and “artsy” don’t get the art. lol 

Literally this. That’s why Hollywood is so toxic and why Gaga swore away from it at the beginning of her career. They want you to be a standout star until you stand out a little too far. I hope she considers doing a play / musical and goes back to broadway. 

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1 minute ago, My Name Isnt Alice said:

Here's another perspective, a charming one

When you're vulnerable, on someone's hands, be raw, be natural, give up perfection, and let humanity shine through. That's what I'm seeing here and I'm loving it.

Baby I agree, she's an artist so she can do whatever she wants... yet she has an amazing instrument and when she matches both art and  vocal ability I'm in awe, like here:

rawness, emotions, energy, art. 

I wanted tonight's performance to be one of the many I send to my GP friends but I'm not doing that since I'm the first who's not  satisfied :triggered:

again, love ha she's literally my fav but the arrangement and the first part sounds so OFF to me😭 I wanted something like she did during the last tour with the sound/video quality of the oscars 😭 nvm



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I still don't like the song, but Gaga’s voice is really amazing 

you were a perfect illusion
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Battle 4 Ur Life


SHE DID THAT! Exactly what I keep thinking she can’t do again which is surprising me and blowing my mind.

she must be full because SHE ATE.

iconic. just art.

that was awesome! she is such a FREAKING ARTIST, GOSH. #Speechless #PawsUp

"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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I didn't catch the full intro when I watched it live and now I like the performance even more after a few listens, even though I wonder if she's been too stressed for this :kara: 

Very raw and absolutely not what anyone expected, again

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Bloody Michael

This is the most laid back Lady Gaga's performance EVER. It's crazy that for us this is different and interesting, when to other artists fans this is the daily basis. 

Maybe because of Joanne and C2C this is not as surprising, but had she done this back in 2011 it'd been CRAZY. 

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Chromatica Island

I love that it's stripped back and low key, fits the song.

He/they FTM🏳‍⚧
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Her voice was great but this is probably the first time I wasn’t feeling a performance. It’ll probably grow on me.

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