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Gaga to perform "Hold My Hand" at the Oscars

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Just now, G U C C I said:

Does anyone else feel like it was always the plan and they were brilliantly trolling the **** out everyone to drum up drama and ultimately ratings?? Like there is no way winthin 48 hours she’s just magically going to be performing and them working it into the telecast. A week or two notice sure and that would still be extremely last minute. This along with the set leaks today is now starting to feel coordinated 

this. there is no way someone as perfectionist as gaga decided after leaving set at 4am last night “oh hey maybe we should perform tomorrow.” i’m sure she was the last to confirm but the show’s producers definitely wanted to wait until today for one last surprise announcement 

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Wouldn't be surprised if she holds that Oscar at the end of the night

Whattttt stop edging us 😩

Walk Fashion Birdy

great news! my alarm clock is now set

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Mister G

Omg they were definitely trolling us saying she wasn’t. We cannot deny that this power ballad deserves so much praise. 

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Battle 4 Ur Life

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"We own the Downtown, hear our sound."
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I actually don't think they were trolling us, maybe she seriously was not going. But THE DEMAND is there and she decided to perform for the people.

It's not like she's the modern jesus for nothing, like duh?!

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There’s no way she didn’t at least practice in the meantime in between breaks from shooting tho

And some fans dare to call her lazy 

1# Samoyed Stan
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Hold my Oscar Queen 😭😭😭😭

I will fly on a challenger across the sky like a phoenix..
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16 minutes ago, Levine said:

Imagine she sending a video of HMH at the Chromatica Ball Tour lmao

This is literally what I was thinking watch it just be HMH live from TCB 

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I love the roller coaster that is being a Gaga fan. I used to hate it. But now it’s just ALL IN GIRLSSSS LETS GOO!!Tiffany Pollard Yes GIF by VH1

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